This Could Be The Weirdest Ryan Garcia Video Yet

This Could Be The Weirdest Ryan Garcia Video Yet

Ryan Garcia’s behaviour leading up to his fight with Devin Haney was nothing short of bizarre, generating headlines and plenty of Ryan Garcia video searches. From ranting about aliens and the Illuminati to promoting odd health cures, Garcia’s social media presence was a spectacle. He even joked about being “coked out” and made wild claims about curing cancer with black coffee​.

Concerns about his mental health and readiness for the fight grew when he missed the 140-pound weight limit by over three pounds. Despite the chaos, Garcia delivered a stunning performance, knocking Haney down three times and winning by majority decision, though he couldn’t claim the title due to the weight miss​.

The Ryan Garcia Video In Question

Ryan Garcia casually singing to an orangutan eating grapes in a Mercedes

Was this all a clever act to hype the fight? Some think so, but Garcia’s knockout performance suggests he can back up the antics with skill in the ring. Either way, his antics ensured all eyes were on him, making the fight a must-watch event​

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