Tyson Fury Takes Aim at Oleksandr Usyk We've Got Something On You

Tyson Fury Takes Aim at Oleksandr Usyk “We’ve Got Something On You”

In a recent interview, Tyson Fury had choice words for fellow world heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk, dismissing him as a “dirty little slimy *****.” The sharp critique came amidst a broader discussion in which Fury shared his views on various topics, both in and out of the ring.

Speaking candidly, Fury said, “ Usyk’s a sausage… Forget about him. Usyk’s a little dirty little slimy ****** actually.” Without giving explicit details, Fury hinted at an impending revelation about Usyk, stating, “We’ve got something on you ya little sausage and I’m going to release it very soon.

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The interviewer was quick to ask if he {Oleksandr Usyk} had ‘said something’ with Tyson Fury responding with “no no bigger than that, much bigger. He’s been on the missing list for a little while”. Boxing fans on social media were quick to allude to the idea that Tyson Fury believes Usyk has been avoiding ‘drug testing’ ahead of their anticipated unification fight which is rumoured to be taking place on December 23rd.

While Fury’s comments about Usyk took centre stage, Fury touched on his imminent fight with Francis Ngannou. Describing his upcoming opponent, Fury remarked, “To beat me, you have to have a lot of valor, bravery, and balls like King Kong. but i don’t see it, i think he’s a bit of a **** ***** but we’ll find out on Saturday night.”

Also during the interview Fury confirmed that he has no intentions of boxing in England in the future, choosing to conclude his career in Saudi Arabia. “I won’t be boxing in England anymore…I’m just going to be boxing out in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and finish my career out here.”

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