Tayler Holder on Jake Paul's Comeback, KSI Vs Fury Prediction, Future Fights, and More

Tayler Holder on Jake Paul’s Comeback, KSI Vs Fury Prediction, Future Fights, and More

In a recent interview with Fred Talks Fighting, Tayler Holder, the prominent influencer boxer and country music singer, shared his thoughts on upcoming fights, personal plans, and more.

Holder, known for his ties to some of the biggest names in the industry, is currently in Dallas, Texas supporting his friend Ashton. “I’m here with Jake and Ashton, those are my boys” Holder declared, highlighting the close-knit relationships he’s formed in the boxing community.

Despite being sought after by organizations like Misfits, Holder revealed that he’s unlikely to fight this year due to his touring schedule. However, he hinted at potential appearances early next year, telling Fred, “Keep an eye out for me at the top of the year. If you guys got one at the top of the year, I’m there.”

Tayler Holder Predicts Jake Paul Vs Nate Diaz

Speaking about the anticipated match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz, Tayler Holder praised both fighters’ abilities but expressed his confidence in Paul’s success. “I’m rocking with Jake,” he stated, acknowledging the toughness of the Diaz brothers but asserting, “I think Jake’s a better boxer than Nate.”

Tayler Holder predicts KSI Vs Tommy Fury

Tayler Holder also offered his thoughts on the recently announced fight between KSI and Tommy Fury. Despite risking controversy, he admitted, “I think Tommy beats him. Tommy’s a big guy, and I don’t see KSI having the real power to drop him.”

Tayler Holder predicts Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis

Finally, Tayler Holder shared his thoughts about the rumoured Logan Paul and Dillon Danis fight. While Holder expressed doubts about Danis accepting the fight due to the size difference, he confessed he would be interested to see if it happens. “I’d be surprised if he actually shows up and takes the fight, but if it happens, it just depends on who wants it more when they get there.”

This candid interview provided fans with an insider look into Holder’s perspective on the future of influencer boxing and his own career. With his sights set on the ring in the coming year, followers eagerly await his return to boxing.

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By Owen Yard