Sam Jones RAGES At 'Smokescreen' Adam Azim vs Harlem Eubank Announcement, "It's A Hail Mary Of A Duck"

Sam Jones RAGES At ‘Smokescreen’ Adam Azim vs Harlem Eubank Announcement, “It’s A Hail Mary Of A Duck”

Both the EBU and the BBBofC have jointly ordered Dalton Smith (15-0, 11 KOs) to face Adam Azim (11-0, 8 KOs) next.

Smith is the mandatory challenger for Azim’s European title and Azim is the official challenger for Smith’s Lonsdale championship.

However, the fight isn’t expected to materialise. And the reason why is very much up for debate.

Azim’s trainer Shane McGuigan hinted that the main issue was the platform whilst his promoter Ben Shalom believes Azim would beat Smith now but would rather give him more experience to make it a forgone conclusion – in his mind.

Instead, Azim looks set to fight Harlem Eubank in the summer with the pair facing off yesterday night at Fabio Wardley-Frazer Clarke. The fight is, however, still in ‘advanced talks’ and not actually agreed yet.

Sam Jones on Adam Azim vs Harlem Eubank Announcement

“What a load of b******s that was”, Sam Jones told Boxing Social about the Azim-Eubank announcement, “(Harlem Eubank) probably didn’t know himself (about the fight a week ago). They got the call saying ‘Listen do you want to fight Adam Azim? We’ll sort the contracts next week but do you want to come and get in the ring and announce the fight’.”

Purse bids for Smith-Azim are on Wednesday and boxing manager Jones believes that the Azim-Eubank announcement was a diversion.

“Because basically, they need a smokescreen, a diversion. It’s a Hail Mary of a duck. It’s an absolutely incredible duck from BOXXER. It’s the inexperience of it all. You’re telling me you’ve announced the fight, you’ve got in the ring, had the face-off and the fights not signed yet.”

By Darshan Desai