Most Valuable Prospects 1 - The Good, The Bad And What Improvements Can Be Made

Most Valuable Prospects 1 – The Good, The Bad And What Improvements Can Be Made

Most Valuable Prospects 1 had their first-ever show yesterday at the Caribe Royale in Orlando Florida headlined by highly touted prospect Ashton Sylve.

The first-ever Most Valuable Prospects fight night show happened yesterday, with mixed reviews online and in the boxing community. As well as the average boxing fan watching the show, there were also a large amount of influencer boxing fans watching the show since it featured people like Wade Plems on the commentary and the show itself was being pushed heavily by Jake Paul who is one of the biggest names in influencer boxing.

The good things about Most Valuable Prospects 1

One of the good things about the show was easily the matchmaking on the card, primarily for the main card and not the before-the-bell part of the show. On the main card, prospect Ashton Sylve who had a 100% knockout ratio faced Adam Kipenga who had 11 wins, with only 3 losses, one coming by KO. There were also fighters making their debut on the show, going up against other fighters who recently made their debut in boxing, which is very rare for a debut fight.

Another standout from the show was Wade Plems on commentary, this was his first time commentating on a professional boxing show and he made a seamless transition from commentating influencer boxing to professional boxing thanks to his deep knowledge of the sport and easy-to-understand explanations of the moments in the ring to viewers.

The bad things about Most Valuable Prospects 1

Unfortunately, there were also some bad things that occurred on the Most Valuable Prospects show. The main problem which has had a large number of fans online complaining about the event was the first matchup during the before-the-bell section of the show. This matchup between Giovanni Louis and Carlos Rey Ramirez was quite frankly tragic. Ramirez instantly ran out at the opening bell with his chin up in the air and had no idea how to throw a punch. Thankfully the commentary was honest on the fact he should not be in the ring, but the commission also needs to be called under question for letting this fight go ahead.

Another thing which I personally felt was of very low standard and quality was the audio from the commentary team. Especially on the before-the-bell section of the show. It was extremely hard to hear the commentators and the quality of the audio was very bad for a professional boxing show, although thankfully it did improve slightly over the night.

What can be improved for the next Most Valuable Prospects show

Obviously, this is the first-ever Most Valuable Prospects show so it wasn’t going to be perfect, but a lot of improvements can be made. The main improvements should be the general production quality of the show, as it was clearly levels below any other promotional outlet in boxing, even below the small hall UK shows that are televised. But things like the matchmaking and commentary team can certainly continue as they are, as they were the highlights of the overall show.

Will you be watching the next Most Valuable Prospects show?

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By Owen Yard