Misfits Boxing Prime Card All 4 Appeals UPDATE - Dillon Danis, Alex Wassabi, ChaseDemoor & More

Misfits Boxing Prime Card All 5 Appeals UPDATE – KSI, Alex Wassabi, ChaseDemoor & More

Misfits Boxing’s ‘PRIME CARD’ was the biggest night of influencer boxing ever, although, despite the praise it got from fans and others, it has been clouded with appeals and controversy

The earliest controversy of the night on the Misfits Boxing ‘PRIME CARD’ came when Astrid Wett scored a points decision win over Alexia Grace, who was making her influencer boxing debut. Many felt that Alexia was hard done by and that she deserved a draw at worst.

The next controversy of the night on the Misfits Boxing ‘PRIME CARD’ came when Tempo Arts scored a very controversial points win over ChaseDemoor, who had since submitted an appeal to the PBA.

The third controversy of the night, at least to the fighters, was the draw in the tag-team bout between Alex Wassabi and Nichlmao against Pineda and BDave, with both teams submitting appeals.

The fourth controversy of the night was when Dillon Danis lost his fight via disqualification to Logan Paul due to him trying to do an MMA take-down on him in the ring, causing security to flood into the ring and the bout automatically became a disqualification. However, Mr Danis argues that Logan Paul should’ve been disqualified when he punched him when he was down earlier in the bout after he tried a take down previously. This is what his appeal will be focusing on.

Lastly, the biggest controversy of the night, was KSI’s points loss to Tommy Fury. This was regarded as a ‘robbery’ by many fans and viewers online. With the majority seemingly believing KSI should’ve won the bout against Tommy Fury. KSI’s team will be appealing for the result to be overturned to a KSI win, but would also settle for a draw most likely.

Misfits Boxing PRIME CARD Appeals Update

Astrid Wett Vs Alexia Grace Appeal

Appeal result – DENIED
Aatridd Wett remains the winner of the bout.

ChaseDemoor Vs TempoArts Appeal

Appeal Result – DENIED
Tempo Arts remains the winner of the bout

WassabiLmao Vs Los Pinedas Colades Appeal

Appeal result – DENIED
The result of the fight remains a draw.

Logan Paul Vs Dillon Danis Appeal

Appeal result – UNKNOWN

KSI Vs Tommy Fury Appeal

Appeal result – DENIED
Tommy Fury remains the winner of the bout.

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By Owen Yard