Minikon Eyes Return to Boxing Ring, Challenges Paul Bamba, Wants to Compete at Bridgerweight

Minikon Eyes Return to Boxing Ring, Challenges Paul Bamba to Fight, Wants to Compete at Bridgerweight

In a video interview with Fred Talks Fighting, Minikon talked about his ambitions in the influencer boxing world after his contentious last match. Despite the official outcome, Minikon insists, “Technically, I didn’t lose. Everybody but the judges know that I didn’t lose that fight.”

Minikon seems to have brushed off the controversy of the previous fight, asserting that he has been focusing on training with fellow influencer boxer Ashton. “I knew that right after the fight, that was just like a little round fight, and then I was gonna come and get that working with Ashton. So yeah, we’re just training,” he affirmed.

When asked about why he did not fight under the Misfits banner, he explained that another promotion offered him better terms. “The other promotion just offered me money. I mean, I’m not exclusively with Misfits, so I can fight for anybody.”

He also hinted at a potential rematch with Jake the Viking, although he suggests that Jake may not be fighting anymore. “The Jake The Viking fight? I’m ready. Yeah, why not?” He also expressed interest in fighting Tempo Arts.

Despite being on the same training team, Minikon didn’t dismiss the idea of taking on Chase Demoor. “Chase Demoor wants to” To which Minikon said “Chase Demoor can get it. It doesn’t matter we’re still fighters at the end of the day,” he remarked, showing that he’s eager to take on any challenger.

Expressing his interest in the new weight classes announced by Misfits, Minikon suggested he might drop down to cruiserweight and has set his sights on a specific adversary: “I want to even go down to cruiserweight and fight Paul Bamba if he wants to fight me.”

Minikon is focused and hungry for a comeback, and it’s clear that he is keen to make his mark in the Influencer boxing world. Whether his ambition will be matched by opportunity remains to be seen, but Minikon certainly isn’t lacking in determination or potential opponents.

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By Owen Yard