Details of Garcia's arrest revealed in strange new Bill Haney video

Latest Bill Haney Video Stirs His Feud Further With Ryan Garcia

In a recent post on social media, Bill Haney has sounded off on Ryan Garcia for his recent arrest for vandalism. In the Bill Haney video, new details surrounding Garcia’s arrest are revealed. Haney and Garcia have had much back-and-forth ever since the announcement of his fight against Bill’s son, Devin.

Ryan Garcia was arrested recently, following vandalism in the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Beverley Hills. He is said to have caused up to $15000 worth of damages.

Latest Bill Haney Video Stirs His Feud Further With Ryan Garcia

It seems where Garcia goes, controversy follows, as the boxing star has been in the media spotlight a great deal since the announcement of his fight against Devin Haney, for his antics in the build-up to the fight – like downing a beer at the weigh-in, for his strange social media antics, and for his recent drug-test failure, in which he was found to have had Ostarine in his system at the time of the Haney fight.

Despite his career-best win against the previously-undefeated Haney, fans are concerned for Garcia, and believe he is exhibiting signs of mental health issues or substance abuse problems.

Latest Bill Haney Video Stirs His Feud Further With Ryan Garcia

Garcia’s mother was revealed to have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, which may be a factor as to why Garcia is behaving like this.

Garcia’s last post on social media is the following:

Bill Haney Video

In the strange Bill Haney video, Haney states Garcia was wearing a motorcycle helmet crashing into the walls, and using his head to damage the hallway, before his arrest.

In the video, Haney speaks and moves dramatically, before finishing his rant, asking, ‘Is Ryan Garcia on everything except air and water?’ clearly referencing Garcia’s recent positive drug test, and potential issues with substances since. See the Bill Haney video below:

This comes after the Haney’s have called for Garcia’s win over Haney to be overturned into a disqualification for Garcia, or a No-Contest at least, restoring Haney’s undefeated record.

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