KSI In Talks To Fight 9-0 Tommy Fury

KSI In Talks To Fight 9-0 Tommy Fury

KSI vs 9-0 undefeated boxer Tommy Fury could be next in the summer in England. After Fury’s conclusive points decision win over Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia on the 26th of February 2023, many people were left wondering if a rematch between the two would still go ahead despite Jake Paul saying he wants the rematch very quickly after the fight.

Despite Jake Paul having a rematch clause in their contract, and Fury also said he’d be open to a rematch in the summer, it now seems that both fighters will be pursuing different fights next. With Tommy possibly ending up going into a much bigger fight on UK soil.

Is KSI to fight Tommy Fury next?

Tommy Fury’s father and trainer, John Fury has made recent comments via the Mirror, saying: “I’ve been in talks with the Sauerland brothers about a possible match-up with their man KSI, I had a meeting with them the other day and it went well. Let’s just see what happens.”

KSI is currently booked to fight 9-0 boxer/businessman Joe Fournier on Misfits 007 at Wembley Arena on May 13th. With all being well and KSI picking up no injuries, and of course subject to him winning the bout, a potential match-up with Tommy Fury could happen in the summer. The bout will be shown on DAZN PPV in the UK and DAZN subscription overseas.

When and where could Fury vs KSI happen?

Tommy Fury vs KSI is undoubtedly a huge fight in the UK and would be easily marketable to UK fans of both audiences. With KSI bringing in his potential audience from his social media following of 40 million +, along with Tommy bringing his social media audience of 5 million + and his wide range of fans from his Love island days on top of the traditional boxing fans via his Fury family name, the potential of a mega fight in the UK is there.

Since the fight is so large, a venue such as the OVO Wembley arena would simply be too small for a fight of this magnitude. Venues such as the o2 arena, or maybe even the home of KSI’s football club (Arsenal) the Emirates stadium could be where the fight lands, depending on match fixtures and whether the stadium is booked for any other event on the potential date.

The next part of the puzzle would be the date on which the fight is held, although this part is not hard to figure out. KSI has declared multiple times he wants to fight 4 times in 2023, with one fight down and one already booked for May 13th, the confirmed Misfits date of August 26th in the UK will most likely be his next fight date, allowing his final fight out of the 4 to be in December 2023 which also has a UK misfits date penciled in.

Will the fight actually happen?

Although everything is laid out for this fight to be made and be a blockbuster night on DAZN PPV, it most likely won’t be KSI’s next fight since his team could see it to be too risky when the Jake Paul fight could be around the corner at any point this year. If KSI loses before the inevitable Jake Paul fight, the value and size of the fight will once again decrease which is what they’d want to avoid after it already arguably got smaller after Jake Paul’s loss to Tommy Fury earlier this year.

These talks are most likely a negotiation play by KSI’s team to try and pressure Jake Paul and influence fight negotiations between the two. This could end up being a smart play from their side, or maybe a mistake, it is yet to be determined. Although if the fight goes ahead, and KSI ends up beating Tommy Fury then he is undoubtedly the best influencer boxer and would hold all the cards at the negotiating table with Jake Paul.

By Owen Yard

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