KSI Calls Out Whindersson Nunes For Mega Boxing Fight In Brazil

KSI Calls Out Whindersson Nunes For Mega Boxing Fight In Brazil

In a shock to many, KSI has called out fellow Influencer Boxer Whindersson Nunes for a fight in his home country of Brazil.

KSI said to the Brazilian star in a tweet on Twitter: “Nunes, I love the energy you and your fans brought to Kingpyn. As soon as you won your fight, the majority of the audience left. You need to realize that you’re bigger than Kingpyn. I wanna fight you in a stadium in Brazil. Whatever Kingpyn is paying you, I’ll triple it. Kingpyn can replace you with someone else in the tournament. Let’s do it after my fight in May.”

KSI currently has a fight booked against Billionaire/8-0 pro-Boxer Joe Fournier on May 13th at the OVO Wembley Arena in London. If KSI gets past this challenge it is now clear who he wants to fight next in August, which is when the fight would most likely take place since that is planned to be the next month he fights in.

Whindersson Nunes is currently 2-0 in Influencer boxing, with one of those wins being a stoppage against Filipek in the latest round of the Kingpyn High Stakes tournament. Due to the language barrier, many fans of influencer boxing who watch the likes of KSI, Jake Paul, and the Misfit boxing shows were relatively unaware of how big of a draw/name Whindersson Nunes was until his last fight where he fought in front of that audience on Kingpyn.

Just like KSI in the United Kingdom, Whindersson Nunes is a mega star in his home country of Brazil. Nunes has previously sold out arenas and stadiums in Brazil for other events and recently sold the majority of tickets for the Kingpyn High Stakes Tournament show. Combining KSI and Whindersson Nunes in an event together is essentially a guaranteed mega event not only at the gate of the venue with revenue but also online where it would be PPV.

The reaction from fans, fighters and the Kingpyn CEO

After the call-out from KSI to Whindersson Nunes, many fans reacted differently to the situation. Shocked, happy, and unhappy were just some of the reactions that were on display in the replies to KSI’s call-out to Whindersson Nunes. One fan said in response to KSI’s tweet “This fight could be bigger than KSI vs Jake Paul” whereas another fan said, “Bro is intentionally trying to ruin a tournament that fans are looking forward to”.

King Kenny, who will be Whindersson Nunes’ next opponent in the Kingpyn tournament tweeted in reaction to the call-out saying: “Why u trynna sabotage my fight”.

Meanwhile, the CEO of the Kingpyn company itself quote tweeted KSI saying: “You had your opportunity as the 8th man to fight Whindersson, if you want to fight him it’ll be on Kingpyn.”

Based on the reactions from all sides, it seems the fans are generally overall positive at the idea and proposal KSI has offered to Whindersson Nunes, whereas people associated with any part of the KingPyn tournament are unhappy with the proposal. Which is expected.

Could KSI vs Whindersson Nunes actually happen next?

Shortly after the original call-out tweet and once the initial online reaction calmed, Whindersson Nunes himself replied to KSI publicly, saying: “Talk to my manager and offer me a ridiculous amount of money, sem mais” This reply in itself removes a lot of doubt people had of the fight not being able to happen due to contracts Kingpyn have in place with their tournament fighters, as that’s what many people thought would be the main stumbling block to preventing the fight from happening.

Although despite this seemingly open and positive response from Whindersson Nunes, there are still many things in the way of this fight happening. Such as Joe Fournier, existing KingPyn contracts, Misfits organizing a show in Brazil/co-promoting one, Misfits fighters losing opportunities, and more. Due to all of these odds stacked against the fight, it is unlikely we actually see this fight next.

By Owen Yard

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