KSI Appeal DENIED - PBA Upholds KSI Vs. Tommy Fury Fight Result After Appeal Panel Hearing

KSI Appeal DENIED – PBA Upholds KSI Vs. Tommy Fury Oct 14th Fight Result After Appeal Panel Hearing

KSI Appeal to overturn the Tommy Fury loss has failed, meaning Tommy Fury remains the victor of their fight, the PBA has announced.

The Professional Boxing Association (PBA) has put an end to any speculation surrounding the outcome of the much-discussed KSI Appeal for the boxing match between KSI and Tommy Fury, which took place on October 14, 2023. Following the KSI appeal from KSI’s team challenging the unanimous decision in favour of Tommy Fury, the PBA convened an independent review panel to evaluate the bout’s result.

The panel, comprised of two leading King’s Counsel and a third experienced lawyer, conducted a thorough examination of the fight and the events surrounding the decision. After a comprehensive review, the PBA confirmed that the panel found no justification to overturn the original verdict, effectively upholding Tommy Fury’s victory by unanimous decision.

The decision to appeal had added another layer of drama to what was already a hotly contested and highly publicized fight. KSI, a YouTube personality turned boxer, had put forth a valiant effort in the ring against the professional boxer Tommy Fury, leading to a split among fans and sports commentators on the outcome.

However, the PBA’s announcement confirms the integrity of the original decision, leaving no doubt about the legitimacy of Fury’s win. This ruling also reinforces the PBA’s commitment to fair play and due process in the sport of boxing.

With the KSI appeal now settled, both fighters will look to the future — KSI to learn and rebound from his defeat, and Tommy Fury to continue building on his successful record.

Fans and pundits alike will be watching keenly to see where the two boxers go from here after this high-stakes encounter and the subsequent appeal process that has kept the influencer boxing community on edge.

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By Owen Yard