KingPyn Boxing Preview: Undercard

KingPyn Boxing Preview: Undercard

KingPyn Boxing teamed up with DAZN to hold their semi-finals event this Saturday, July 15, 2023. Six fights on this card are undercard fights, two being losers bracket fights for the women and four men’s wildcard bouts. 

Full Kingpyn Boxing Undercard

After previewing all of the tournament matches for the event, it’s time to take a look at the undercard, starting with the women’s losers bracket bouts. 

Whitney Johns vs. Amber O’Donnell

Whitney Johns made her debut in the first round of the tournament. Her first opponent was 6ar6ie6, who defeated her by decision. Whitney showed her ability to be able to take a big shot and get up from being knocked down, as well as being able to go all five rounds without fully gassing out. 

Amber O’Donnell is one and the same. She fought Emily Brooke to a decision in round one, where she ended up losing, but proved she could go the distance with no issues. Plus, Amber showed that she was willing to eat a shot in order to land one. 

Now, with both these women looking for their first win, they’re putting it all on the line to not walk away from this tournament winless. Some may say a fighter with nothing to lose is the most dangerous. With both ladies out of contention to win the tournament, they may just throw everything they have to get a win. 

Daniella Hemsley vs. Ms. Danielka

Much like the other losers’ bracket bout, both of these ladies are looking for their first victory. Ms. Danielka took on arguably the toughest task in the tournament with Elle Brooke, the most experienced girl in the tournament. Now that she’s on an even playing field with her opponent, there’s a chance she can show off more than we’ve seen previously and make an impact in this fight. 

On the other hand, Daniella Hemsley took her first loss to Jully Poca, an opponent who was throwing everything she had and overwhelmed Daniella. Now that the first-time jitters are out of the way and each fighter knows what they’re in for, there’s a chance we see a new and improved Daniella and Danielka with a better camp and more experience. Who’s getting their first win? We’ll see Saturday night. 

Kiefer Crosbie vs. Aaron Chalmers

Not only do we have tournament matches on this card, but, the undercard is lined up with WildCard fights. Here, we will see some more experienced fighters going head to head and with this one, it’ll surely be a banger. 

Kiefer Crosbie is a 10-3 MMA fighter fighting out of Ireland. He’s fought in many different promotions, including Bellator, and has a first-round knockout win over former UFC fighter, Alex Oliveira. Though he may be new to the boxing ring, he isn’t new to fighting and he’s looking to make his pro boxing debut a winning one. 

But, Aaron Chalmers, who has a record of 5-2, is no stranger to Boxing and MMA. He’s also fought on Bellator and has a fair share of knockout wins, but he also has stepped in a boxing ring before where he has a victory. Not only that, he stepped into the ring with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Though it was an exhibition and didn’t count towards records, only a wealth of knowledge and experience can come from being in the ring with one of the best ever. 

As these two look to clash this Saturday night, we did get a face-to-face interview on KingPyn Boxing’s YouTube channel, where both guys went nose to nose in a heated discussion. Both men are confident that they can get the job done come fight night and neither man is willing to back down. 

Cian Cowley vs. Connor Tierney

Another Wildcard matchup where two guys have previous combat sports experience. Cian Cowley is a 5-5 MMA fighter, with all of his wins coming by way of TKO. This will be his official boxing debut, and it’ll be interesting to see if the MMA experience can translate to the boxing ring. 

Connor Tierney does have experience boxing, but not in the traditional fashion. Connor is a 7-2 bare-knuckle boxer, who has boxing experience, but just without gloves. This will be the first time he steps into the ring for a bout with the gloves on. He proved that he has knockout power with his bare hands, but will that translate to the boxing ring? We’ll see Saturday. 

Both of these men also had a face-off, but it was much more stoic. Each man seemed confident in their ability to win as they stared each other down, looking into each other’s souls. The almost eerily calm face-off left chills running down my spine and one question in my mind, which man is getting put to sleep Saturday night? 

Ben Williams vs. Black Paddy

This Wildcard fight was added just this past week on very short notice. But, this is against two big TikTok stars in Ireland. Ben Williams is a fitness influencer with over three hundred thousand followers on TikTok. Though this is his first pro boxing bout, it’s clear to see that he’s in shape and has been training in boxing before this was even announced, according to his TikTok videos. 

His opponent, Black Paddy, is also a TikTok influencer coming out of Ireland with over five hundred thousand followers. His content is much different from his opponents. Black Paddy is a traveler, food reviewer, and much more content being made on his TikTok page, with not much training being shown. This is also his boxing debut, and with an unknown about each opponent, it makes it a very interesting fight. 

With no knowledge of what either man looks like inside of a ring for a fight, it’s hard to call what exactly will go down. But, there’s always a possibility that one shocks the world and becomes another top influencer boxer in the coming months.

Dollar Dec vs. Golden Boyz

Declan Kenna, aka Dollar Dec, is the more experienced man in this bout. He’s had his fair share of scraps, mostly in MMA, but, he was on a Floyd Mayweather Jr undercard when he took on fellow boxer John Ingram. Representing Ireland and fighting in his home country, Declan took to Instagram to post a simple message, saying that he’s looking for the finish in this fight and is willing to go out with a bang. 

On the other side of the ring, we have Golden Boyz, whose real name is Louis Brow, fighting out of England. Though this may be his first pro fight, he’s not new to the scene, as this TikTok prank made his face known as the man who jumped into the ring during the Deji vs. Alex Wassabi boxing match last year. After being swiftly thrown out of the ring by security, he’s now making his return to the ring a year later, but this time, it’s for his own fight. 

Though the experience edge is clearly on the side of Declan, Louis has shown some footage of himself training and he’s looking for a win. And what a win it would be if the underdog could conquer the pro. 

The undercard fights will be a phenomenal precursor to the tournament bouts and it all goes down this Saturday in the KingPyn Semi-Finals live on DAZN at 7 p.m. BST / 2 p.m. EDT. The pre-show kicks off an hour beforehand at 6 p.m BST/ 1 p.m EDT featuring Dollar Dec vs. Golden Boyz

By: Brady Alexander

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