KingPyn Boxing Preview: Emily Brooke vs. 6ar6ie6

KingPyn Boxing Preview: Emily Brooke vs 6ar6ie6

KingPyn Boxing teamed up with DAZN to hold their semi-finals event this Saturday, July 15, 2023. With nine fights on the card and four semi-final matchups combined for the women and men in this tournament, it’s sure to be an exciting event.

We’ve now made it to the final tournament match of the evening when two women who each have a record of 1-0, put their winning record on the line to advance in the tournament. 

Emily Brooke vs 6ar6ie6 on Kingpyn Boxing

Emily Brooke is the sister of Elle Brooke, another semi-finalist in the tournament. Though Elle is the most experienced here, Emily has just recently started to follow in her sister’s footsteps and made her debut in the KingPyn Boxing tournament. Standing at the same height as her sister, the Brookes are the smallest in this tournament. But, what they lack in size they sure do make up for in aggression. 

Emily’s first-round opponent was Amber O’Donnell. Luckily for Emily, Amber wasn’t insanely bigger than her, so she didn’t have to worry much about a reach and height advantage. So, both ladies came out swinging at the opening bell. In a short time, Emily made it clear that she was going to be the one pushing the pace as she walked down her opponent and kept Amber on the back foot. It was a very aggressive first round for Emily, and round two was much of the same. Both ladies just threw everything out of the window and started trading shots back and forth, with Emily connecting much more. The fourth and fifth rounds were much of the same, they just went toe to toe swinging. But, it seemed like Emily was landing the more significant shots, which ultimately won her the fight by decision. 

Emily proved that she had a gas tank and was willing to step on the gas pedal if need be. But, her opponent being nearly the same size in round one, is the exact opposite for the semi-finals because Emily Brooke has to go against the biggest female in the tournament, 6ar6ie6. 

6ar6ie6 was relatively unknown in this space ahead of the KingPyn Boxing tournament. She made her boxing debut in the first round and she stood out from the rest from day one. Not only is she the tallest girl in the tournament standing at nearly six foot tall, but she also stood out for her look.

The wild black makeup that covers the face, even on fight day, is enough to intimidate an opponent. And for round one, that opponent was Whitney Johns. On paper, Whitney looked like the athlete, she looked like she had this in the bag before it even began. But quickly we came to realize that 6ar6ie6 is not one to doubt. 

Whitney Johns came forward out of the gate and started throwing jabs, trying to get on the inside, but, the bigger 6ar6ie6 did something out of the ordinary. Instead of using her reach and jabbing at the range, she allowed Whitney to come in close and nailed her with some hooks to the head, throwing all the power she had, and it was working. 6ar6ie6 didn’t have the cleanest technique, but she did have the power advantage on her side and when she was hitting Johns, she was hurting her. The issue was, she wasn’t connecting clean just yet. 

In the fourth round, 6ar6ie6 realized what she had to do, she was picking shots and sitting down on them when need be, suddenly, a swift uppercut got through the guard with a right hand to follow knocking down Whitney Johns. Though Whitney did get up, the fifth and final round was much of the same, 6ar6ie6 was throwing and connecting with bombs and Whitney was being bounced around the ring. We went to a decision, where the winner was clear, and that was 6ar6ie6. 

Now, 6ar6ie6 and Emily Brooke go head-to-head in the semi-finals and it’s clear this one is going to be a war. 6ar6ie6 with the massive size advantage, and with the bombs she threw in the first fight, after a new camp and hopefully learning how to clean up her shots, she could be a problem to anyone in the tournament. But, Emily Brooke proved that she can take a shot and continue to walk forward. 6ar6ie6 showed she didn’t have the best gas tank in the first round, while Emily was an engine that wouldn’t stop. 

Plus, 6ar6ie6 has publicly stated that she wants to be one of the first female influencer boxers to get a clean knockout, so we can expect her to be head-hunting. And if that’s the case, Emily Brooke will give it right back. This is the fight to look out for in this tournament and the excitement is off the charts for this one. 

One of these ladies is going to the finals, but who will it be? The answers will be revealed this Saturday in the KingPyn Semi-Finals live on DAZN at 7 p.m. BST / 2 p.m. EDT. May the best woman win. 

By: Brady Alexander

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