KingPyn Boss Shares Thoughts On Misfits & Rubbishes Bankruptcy Rumours

KingPyn Boss Shares Thoughts On Misfits & Rubbishes Bankruptcy Rumours

In an exclusive interview with Seconds Out, Chris Boyne, the face behind the influencer boxing tournament, KingPyn, shared his insights on the upcoming event and dispelled bankruptcy rumours.

Chris highlighted the level of dedication the influencers, though not professional boxers have put into their training. He emphasized, “They are trained like professional athletes, so people are in for a seriously good time tomorrow night.” He also gave credit to the unpredictability of the matches, stating that even the organizers don’t know who’s going to win, making it an even more exciting event.

Was KingPyn Going Bankrupt?

He dismissed the circulating rumours about the financial stability of KingPyn, attributing the whispers to jealousy, and affirmed their partnership with DAZN. “Yes, there has been some challenging situations, but we were on the cusp of signing the DAZN deal,” he shared. “I know it was reported that we saw all the stuff like KingPyn bankrupt and stuff like that, no not happening.”

Chris, also known as Mr KingPyn, disclosed his motivation for venturing into influencer boxing. He said, “I’ve been promoting for years. I watched KSI and Logan Paul and was really entertained. The influencers have such a big following…I’ve been trying to work out who the best influencer is for so long, so I wanted to find out and prove it.”

Boss Chris Boyne Shares Thoughts On Misfits

Chris also expressed his respect for Misfits, another influencer boxing promotion. “I think Misfits is a great promotion. They’ve had some great fights,” he acknowledged. Despite the online banter between the two promotions, he insists there’s no real animosity.

He reassured the commitment of KingPyn to its fighters and spectators. He declared his simple ambition – “I just really want to put on really, really good shows…good events the crowd really likes, really good entertainment, good production.” With the semi-finals and final tied to DAZN, Chris promises that the KingPyn spectacle will continue, come rain, hell, or high water.

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