Julio Cesar Chavez BLASTS Ryan Garcia Over His KO Loss To Gervonta Davis

Julio Cesar Chavez BLASTS Ryan Garcia Over His KO Loss To Gervonta Davis

Over the weekend, the highly anticipated bout between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia took place, resulting in Garcia experiencing his first professional defeat through a seventh-round TKO stoppage. At various points during the match, Garcia appeared to be struggling, particularly after being knocked down in the second round by a headshot and eventually failing to beat the count following a body shot in the seventh round.

In the aftermath of the fight, some boxing enthusiasts have criticized Garcia, accusing him of potentially taking the easy way out and not continuing the fight after being knocked down in the seventh round.

Ryan Garcia’s First Professional Defeat to Gervonta Davis Sparks Controversy and Disappointment

Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. also shared his thoughts on the matter, expressing his disappointment by saying, “It wasn’t even a punch. I’m not going to watch him anymore. I don’t want to watch any more Ryan Garcia fights, count me out.”

Rumors have been circulating since the fight that Davis may have had a mole in Ryan Garcia’s camp, following a social media post by undefeated Mongolian professional boxer Tsendbaatar Erdenebat. Erdenebat claimed that he had injured Garcia during sparring sessions leading up to the fight with Davis. Additionally, a video of Davis surfaced from before the fight, in which he seemed to be aware of Garcia’s vulnerability to body shots. Is this merely a coincidence?

For Garcia, who has Mexican heritage, this situation is undoubtedly disheartening. Hearing a respected Mexican boxing legend like Julio Cesar Chavez publicly announce that he will no longer watch his fights must be a significant emotional setback.

There will surely be much more to unfold on this matter, along with the rumors of Ryan Garcia having a mole in his camp so stay tuned to NoSmokeSport.com for future stories.

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