Boxing Referee Jeff Hinds Bringing Libel Action Against The BBBofC Alongside Discrimination Case

Boxing Referee Jeff Hinds Bringing Libel Action Against The BBBofC Alongside Discrimination Case

  • Jeff Hinds is claiming the BBBofC falsely gave the impression that he was guilty of misconduct
  • Hinds is suing the governing body in a Libel claim alongside his case in the employment tribunal
  • Claim citing ‘discrimination, bullying and harassment’ will be heard in July, the high court was told

Jeff Hinds, a referee under the BBBofC for more than 25 years, is suing boxing’s governing body over claims it falsely gave the impression he was guilty of misconduct, the High Court heard on Friday.

The referee’s legal action concerns the BBBofC’s handling of the outcome of a misconduct hearing in 2019, with the claims that the BBBofC harmed his reputation.

Hinds told a preliminary hearing on Friday that despite being acquitted of misconduct, the BBBofC put up a notice online which stated that he had received “words of advice”.

The 62-year-old claimed someone reading the words on the body’s website would have incorrectly assumed that he had been found guilty of a “serious act of misconduct”. The BBBofC denies the claim.

Hinds was accused by another referee of “unprofessional” behaviour in March 2019 and faced a misconduct hearing where he was found not guilty of wrongdoing.

The next day, Hinds received a letter from the board informing him that he had been given “words of advice”, despite his acquittal. Hinds claims he was not given any words of advice.

The claimant accuses the BBBofC of publishing a notice on the board’s website, which was visible for around six months, where the governing body claims the same thing.

Hinds said that the board only puts notices in cases where officials are found guilty of misconduct so an ordinary reader would’ve believed he had committed a “serious act of misconduct”, significantly harming his reputation.

The meaning of the notice and whether it was defamatory will be ruled on by Mr Justice Kerr at a later date.

Jeff Hinds Bringing Separate Discrimination Case Against The BBBofC

Jeff Hinds is also bringing an employment tribunal challenge against the BBBofC with claims that he had been a victim of “discrimination, bullying and harassment” for decades.

This was delved into in a recent Channel 4 documentary where Hinds revealed that he was told once, “You strolled across the ring as you were on the beach in Trinidad”.

The court heard on Friday in London that a trial is set to take place in July.

Ian John-Lewis, another black boxing referee formerly with the BBBofC, withdrew his race discrimination claim after settling out of court in November last year.

Lewis claimed he was used as a ‘scapegoat’ after Josh Taylor was awarded a controversial win over Jack Catterall.

Two judges scored the fight to Taylor, Lewis had the Scotsman winning it by one round wider than a white judge but only he was downgraded for his scorecard whilst the white judge was not punished.

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