Influencer Boxing: Women Are Taking Over

Influencer Boxing: Women Are Taking Over

Whenever Influencer Boxing is brought up, the first names to pop into anyone’s head are most likely KSI or Jake Paul. The men have dominated the sport of Boxing for decades and the intrigue of influencer boxing has road off the back of male influencers since the beginning. But, the women are starting to make a name for themselves and really stand out more in this male-dominated sport.

When it comes to cross-over boxing, influencer boxing, or whatever you want to call it, a huge part of it is the entertainment aspect. Selling the fights and promoting on social media to millions of followers whether that’s on Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter. While many of the men such as KSI, Salt Papi, and others still make some content and hype up the fans, the females in the game are really taking it to a whole new level.

I’ll be the first to admit that I had no idea who Astrid Wett, Elle Brooke, 6ar6ie, or most any of the women influencers were before their boxing careers began, but quickly they’re making fans and are giving a reason for people to tune into their fights. A good example of this is Misfits 007 coming up this weekend on Saturday, May 13th. The event is headlined by KSI and Joe Fournier, with the likes of Salt Papi, Anthony Taylor, Deji, and Swarmz on the undercard. But, one of the most intriguing fights now is actually the first fight on the main card, which is Lil Bellsy vs. Lil Kymchii. Prior to the announcement of this card, I didn’t know either. But, they wasted no time selling the fight and bringing eyes to them.

The Influencer Boxing Scene

At the Misfits 007 open workout on Wednesday, tensions between Bellsy and Kymchii escalated during interviews. Bellsy’s shove towards Kymchii’s neck prompted security to intervene as both women exchanged insults and gestures. The animosity continued into Thursday’s press conference, with Kymchii attempting to charge Bellsy and hurling items at her.

The heated atmosphere persisted throughout the event, culminating in Kymchii throwing a drink at Bellsy during another pair’s segment. The face-off between the two fighters ended quickly when Kymchii slapped Bellsy with an unknown object, speculated to be a fish or actual kimchi, before security stepped in once more. With all this drama, anticipation for their fight is undoubtedly building.

Another female bout at Saturday’s event is between Tennessee Thresh and Paigey Cakey, whose real-life feud has also made its way into the boxing scene. The conflict began when Thresh claimed that Paigey’s fiancé had been eyeing her during a podcast. At the press conference, the fiancé denied this, saying Thresh wasn’t her type. The tension continued as Paigey accused Thresh of quitting a training session in tears, to which Thresh admitted, but attributed to her hormones.

Although the rivalry between Thresh and Paigey remained relatively tame compared to Bellsy and Kymchii, both women are eager to make their debuts memorable. As first-time fighters with genuine grudges, neither is likely to hold back in the ring.

Women’s InFluencer Boxing

The Misfits 007 card may only feature two female fights, but the excitement is undeniable. At a recent press conference, TikToker Alexia Grace unexpectedly splashed water on the reigning Misfits Super Featherweight Champion, Astrid Wett. Understandably upset, Astrid retaliated, leading to a scuffle as security guards separated the two. Alexia’s bold move seems to have garnered attention in the influencer boxing scene, and a potential match between her and Astrid could be a real crowd-pleaser.

While the ladies involved in influencer boxing may not possess expert skills (mostly like the men too), their commitment to putting on a show is unquestionable. Viewers can expect a thrilling spectacle as the women go all out in the ring, trading techniques for sheer enthusiasm and effort. This high-energy approach delivers the action-packed entertainment fans crave.

As these women continue to train and improve, their natural talent for promoting fights through trash talk and drama could contribute to a successful female division in multiple promotions. In the future, we might even see an all-female KingPyn tournament or a Misfits fight night featuring only women. A highly anticipated match-up like Astrid Wett vs. Elle Brooke could even potentially outshine male fighters as a main event.

It’s time to recognize and appreciate the efforts of these women, as they often outperform their male counterparts in terms of selling fights and generating buzz on social media. Keep an eye on this space, as these ladies are making their mark in the influencer boxing world.

By: Brady Alexander

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