Hearn Not Concerned With Clashes, Believes Matchroom Viewership 'Dwarfs' BOXXER

Hearn Not Concerned With Clashes, Believes Matchroom Viewership ‘Dwarfs’ BOXXER

  • Eddie Hearn And Ben Shalom Clashed Shows Once Again Last Night
  • Matchroom Boss Believes Matchroom Viewership Dwarfs BOXXER
  • Hearn Not Overly Worried With Clashes Limiting Audiences

Matchroom Boxing and BOXXER went head to head again yesterday for the fourth time this calendar year, an intriguing stat considering BOXXER has only done nine shows in 2023.

One of those clashes was an unfortunate three-way world title clash which left every fight fan in the country feeling like they missed out on something that night.

Clashes affect everyone from the fans, to the fighters and the promoters/networks. And British boxing does not make enough of an effort to prevent them.

Eddie Hearn On How Matchroom Viewership Competes With The Larger Sky Sports Platform Domestically

“Going the same night is never great”, Eddie Hearn told reporters after the Dalton Smith-Sam Maxwell fight, “But what we (DAZN) are is a global platform. If you look at the global eyes on that show tonight, it dwarfs any other show that’s going on tonight also (BOXXER – Crews Dezurn-Marshall).”

“It will be a smaller audience in the UK but Dalton’s boxed on Sky Sports his whole career and quite recently as well.”

Hearn acknowledges that the domestic live audience may be bigger for Sky Sports cards but on a global scale, the exposure DAZN provides dwarfs any other platform.

DAZN allows fight fans all over the world to watch boxing on one platform whilst many UK shows struggle to get significant international television, especially in the US – although Crews Dezurn-Marshall was on ESPN + – significantly limiting their audience.

“I think he’s (Dalton Smith) in a good position. There are a lot of eyeballs on him in America as well.”

“A lot of the views and the numbers come post-fight these days especially off the back of knockouts like that. However many watched live on DAZN or on Sky, 50x or more will watch that knockout tomorrow via various different platforms.”

In addition to the global audience, the Matchroom chief believes that exposure can be provided to fighters domestically through additional methods like highlights and the promotion/network’s social media platform.

Exposure is not limited to just the live audience for a show but involves clips/highlights being watched after the fact and a knockout, like the one Smith provided, will expedite the eyes on the Sheffield champion tenfold.

“It’s all down to the performance and to make sure we use our promotional tools to push him as hard as we can.”

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