The Latest In the Fury vs Usyk Debarkle Ink The Contract Or Vacate

The Latest In the Fury vs Usyk Debarkle “Ink The Contract Or Vacate”

Fury vs Usyk again see’s fans frustrated with continued back-and-forth. The latest development in this saga is a video response from Usyk to Fury’s recent proposal to waive the rematch clause in the contract.

The Latest In the Fury vs Usyk Debarkle

In the video, Usyk appears frustrated with Fury’s behavior and tells him to “stop whining and ducking, be a man”. He goes on to urge Fury to either sign the contract or vacate the belt, implying that he is tired of the back-and-forth and wants a resolution to the situation.

Usyk’s response comes after Fury posted a video on his Instagram account in which he proposed that both fighters waive the rematch clause to “up the ante completely”. However, Usyk’s promoter, Alexander Krassyuk, accused Fury of being afraid to fight and looking for ways to pull out of the fight.

Krassyuk’s claims have been met with skepticism by some in the boxing community, who believe that Fury is simply trying to negotiate a better deal for himself. However, Usyk’s video response adds a new dimension to the debate, with the Ukrainian fighter himself calling out Fury and demanding that he either sign the contract or vacate the belt.

The uncertainty surrounding the Fury vs Usyk rematch has left boxing fans disappointed, as the fight was supposed to determine the undisputed heavyweight champion. However, with both fighters seemingly at odds over the rematch clause, the future of the fight remains uncertain.

It remains to be seen how Fury will respond to Usyk’s video message, and whether the two fighters will be able to come to an agreement on the rematch clause. Boxing fans will have to wait for further updates from both camps to see if the fight will go ahead as planned or be delayed or canceled altogether.

The reality is, the boxing world may not get to to see the Fury vs Usyk fight, as time drags on and barriers continue to be raised by Tyson Fury.

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