Fury AJ Sparring Footage: What Really Happened in 2010

Fury AJ Sparring Footage: What Really Happened in 2010

In a couple of resurfaced interviews from years ago, including the Fury AJ Sparring Footage, we hear AJ’s former amateur coach Sean Murphy speak on the infamous AJ vs Fury spar, as well as Fury’s own take on what really happened. For many years fans of the sport have debated about who wins between Anthony Joshua, now 28-3, and Tyson Fury, now 34-1-1. After Saturday night, with both men now having a loss to Oleksandr Usyk on the record, these debates have fired up even more.

Anthony Joshua has been on a recent run of good form, with stoppage wins over Francis Ngannou, Otto Wallin, and Robert Helenius in his past three fights. He received his second and third career defeats against Usyk in 2021 and 2022.

Tyson Fury on the other hand has been criticised for his recent run of fights, coming off the first loss of his career against Usyk on Saturday night, and winning by an unimpressive split decision against Ngannou before that, who AJ stopped in two rounds.

There has been much back and forth between the two Brits, with the much-anticipated ‘Battle of Britain’ set to happen on more than one occasion before falling through.

Fury AJ Sparring Footage

The spar occurred around fourteen years ago in 2010, when Fury was an upcoming professional and AJ was still an amateur, an ABA champ with eyes on the Olympics.

In a radio interview with Steve Bunce, Tyson Fury gives his side of the story, telling Bunce that AJ is ‘red hot, he’s very good’, going on to say, ‘I thought to myself I’ll take it easy cos he’s only an amateur and he probably won’t spar again if I go mad yeah. He’s rushed out at me, he threw a one, two, left hook’ then later, ‘Bash! Hit me with a big uppercut right on the point of the chin, if I had a bit of a weak chin like David Price I’d have been knocked out for a month’.

Fury summarised the spar in no uncertain terms: ‘he gave me a beating’.

Skip to 3:54 to hear Fury’s side on the AJ spar

Nowadays it is hard to believe Tyson Fury would sing the praises of AJ, though his interview with Bunce culminates with him saying, ‘He’s only twenty, watch out for that name, Anthony Joshua, he is one prospect for the future’.

In an interview with Anthony Joshua’s former coach, who oversaw the spar, the story isn’t a whole lot different. Sean Murphy said, ‘I think he thought it was going to be a walk in the park, he’s come out laid back and relaxed, Joshua walked over with an uppercut and left hook and he was wobbling’.

AJ’s amateur coach, Sean Murphy, gives his side of the story

Murphy says AJ ‘dazed him in the first round’, but that Fury found success in the second, ‘he’s come out and he starts talking to Josh, so he’s getting in Josh’s head a bit, so now where Josh was getting him with the straight shots he’s missing now cos he’s swinging trying to knock Tyson out’.

After an apparent telling off in his corner, AJ ‘boxed his head off’ for the third round, leaving Fury pleading, ‘Let me have one more round’, which Murphy refused as AJ was not being paid for the spar.

Though a great deal of time has passed since the spar, it is interesting if a potential fight between the pair may follow a similar route, with the two seemingly fated to lock horns eventually, potentially as early as October this year.

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