‘Idiotic’ & 'Fake Gangsters' Frazer Clarke Mocks Fabio Wardley and David Adeleye's Red Carpet Clash

‘Idiotic’ & ‘Fake Gangsters’: Frazer Clarke Mocks Wardley and Adeleye’s Red Carpet Clash

In the wake of the highly publicized altercation between Fabio Wardley and David Adeleye at the recent Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou press conference, heavyweight contender Frazer Clarke has minced no words, dubbing the incident as ‘idiotic’ and mocking the participants as ‘fake gangsters’.

During an exclusive interview with Seconds Out, Frazer Clarke could not resist poking fun at the recent confrontation which left Fabio Wardley with visible injuries and the boxing community buzzing. The altercation apparently initiated with Adeleye having a heated exchange with a member of Wardley’s team, which quickly escalated, resulting in Fabio Wardley finding himself on the ground.

Frazer Clarke Mocks Fabio Wardley and David Adeleye

Reflecting on the altercation, Clarke derisively remarked, “You know, emotions are always running high but you expect them as grown men, as role models, to be able to put that to one side.” He went on to characterize the situation as teeming with individuals attempting to amplify their popularity, likening them to “fake gangsters” trying to make a name for themselves.

Drawing a comparison to the notorious rapper partnership of the ’90s, Clarke continued, “Everyone wants to be the P-Diddy to the Biggie and jump in the background and sort of be involved.” He couldn’t help but find a certain irony in Fabio Wardley’s fall, given Wardley had previously criticised him and his performance in his previous fight. “Maybe he should just keep quiet in the future because he just got put on his own arse by one of David Adeleye’s friends,” he jeered.

Clarke, however, recognized that the brawl might have inadvertently boosted the anticipation for the upcoming fight. “It’s hyping the fight up I suppose. They’ve probably done something together, the popularity together, and boosted it up for this fight but I think they’ve done that tremendously and I’m interested in it now,” he noted, adding that he looks forward to watching the event ringside in Saudi Arabia.

Clearly enjoying himself in the interview, Frazer Clarke offered Wardley some advice on how he might have better handled the situation, Clarke suggested, “if you’ve ever been about that life then you know you can’t be running forward in a fight like when people are throwing punches at ya, running forward with your chin hanging out.” He further accused Wardley of having told a “few porkies” in a previous interview with IFL TV.

Despite the chaos, Clarke believes that the event promoters might be secretly relishing the additional attention the altercation has brought to the upcoming fight, even though they might face some reprimand from the British Boxing Board of Control.

Looking forward to the official fight between Wardley and Adeleye, Clarke asserted that the scuffle “means nothing” when it comes to the actual fight. “When you get in the ring it’s just you and him, isn’t it? His [David Adeleye’s] entourage isn’t with him so it means nothing,” he concluded, encouraging Wardley not to let the incident affect him mentally.

So, the question now lands on whether the fight does still go ahead, given the injuries Fabio Wardley sustained during the altercation, but if it does still go ahead you can be sure Frazer Clarke will be amongst those keenly watching, with perhaps a smirk on his face and a few more sarcastic remarks at the ready.

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