Eddie Hearn Says Teofimo Lopez Has 'Low Star Power' and Gets Beat by Haney

Eddie Hearn Says Teofimo Lopez Has ‘Low Star Power’ and Haney Beats Him

Eddie Hearn has pulled no punches recently, in an interview with FightHype where he shared his thoughts on Brooklyn-born boxer Teofimo Lopez. Hearn expressed bewilderment at Lopez’s lack of star power despite his impressive skills and also gave his opinion that Devin Haney who is currently sporting a perfect boxing record would beat him in a potential match-up.

In the interview, Hearn also voiced his confidence regarding the anticipated fight between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder slated for the end of this year. “I’m very confident that fight will happen. We’ve done fights with Saudi before, they’ve always delivered, they’ve given us their word that fight’s happening, and I believe them,” he said.

Eddie Hearn Believes Deving Haney Beats Teofimo Lopez

However, the conversation quickly turned to Teofimo Lopez. Despite his talent and impressive achievements at such a young age, Hearn expressed surprise at Lopez’s relatively low profile, especially in his home state.

“I just don’t understand why Teofimo Lopez has never been a big star, particularly in New York,” Eddie Hearn commented. “He’s from Brooklyn, right? He’s an unbelievable talent, he’s outspoken, he’s a character, he’s a personality. He beat Richard Comey in New York, a great performance. Then he beat [Vasiliy] Lomachenko. He should be a megastar.”

Eddie Hearn didn’t hold back on his assessment regarding a hypothetical match-up between Lopez and Devin Haney. “Teo seems to raise his game in big fights. Who do I favor in him versus Devon, probably Devon,” he stated bluntly. He also hinted at wanting to see Lopez fight in another thrilling unification, mentioning Regis Prograis as a possible contender.

Whether against Devin Haney, or Regis Prograis, you can be sure this means Hearn has his sights on Teofimo Lopez, but will we see Lopez back in the ring again? We think so.

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