Eddie Hearn Reveals Jarrell Miller THREATENED Him In Saudi Arabia

Eddie Hearn Reveals Jarrell Miller THREATENED Him In London

In a recent interview with Seconds Out, Eddie Hearn disclosed a tense encounter with heavyweight boxer Jarrell Miller in London. The altercation occurred after the event titled ‘Day of Reckoning’ on November 15th.

According to Eddie Hearn, Jarrell Miller approached him and challenged him, saying, “Oh, you scared now.” Hearn, undaunted, replied, “I ain’t f***ing scared of you. I know what you did,” referring to Miller’s previous failed tests for performance-enhancing drugs ahead of a scheduled fight with Anthony Joshua.

Eddie Hearn also detailed that Miller questioned why he didn’t support him as he has Conor Benn more recently. Hearn’s response was straightforward: “Because I don’t believe you.”

Eddie Hearn’s Response To Jarrell Miller

The confrontation seemingly escalated when Miller allegedly threatened Hearn, saying, “Well, next time when you’re in New York, I’ll pull up on you or I’ll have someone pull up on you.” Hearn’s retort was dismissive: “Go f**k yourself.”

Despite the heated exchange, Hearn admitted he still has a certain regard for Miller but remained firm on his stance regarding Miller’s past actions. “I like you, but I know what you did,” Hearn said.

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The interview with Eddie Hearn then shifted to the potential of a future fight between Miller and Joshua. Hearn indicated that the decision wasn’t his to make but depended on Anthony Joshua’s (AJ) willingness and the public demand. He mentioned that Joshua was very lenient on Miller, considering the circumstances.

“If he wins and he’s somehow the public are desperate for that fight, who knows in the future,” Hearn remarked, leaving the door open for a possible matchup.

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