Eddie Hearn Clarifies Conor Benn's Status With UKAD and The BBBofC boxing news

Eddie Hearn Clarifies Conor Benn’s Status With UKAD and The BBBofC

In a recent interview with Seconds Out, prominent British boxing promoter Eddie Hearn discussed the contentious case surrounding Conor Benn, son of legendary British boxer Nigel Benn, who had his suspension lifted after initially being suspended for undisclosed reasons.

Eddie Hearn Clarifies The Conor Benn and UKAD Outcome

Hearn clarified, “What I can tell you is that Conor Benn was suspended, his suspension has been lifted. He has been cleared by the UKAD. When you’re no longer suspended, you are cleared.” He emphasized that the whole case was confidential, and neither he nor Conor Benn was allowed to discuss the details.

Eddie Hearn also noted that the next step for Benn is to apply for a license from the British Boxing Board of Control, which he expects to go smoothly as long as everyone involved behaves sensibly.

Hearn further commented on Benn’s situation, stating, “Conor Benn has gone through every process that has been asked of him and now he’s ready to fight.” He reiterated that he would advise Benn to apply for a British Boxing Board of Control license and box under its jurisdiction, and he dismissed rumours of a shadow ban as “absolute rubbish.”

Despite the controversies, Hearn remained supportive of Benn, and said, “What you cannot deny is that Conor Benn has gone through every process that has been asked of him and now he’s ready to fight.”

Regarding the public’s acceptance of Benn’s return to boxing, Hearn said, “If you don’t respect that process that you asked for, you as well probably and everybody, I did as well, I said to him I think you have to go through this British Boxing Board Of Control process, and he did it.”

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