Eddie Hearn Addresses Carl Froch Comments On The AJ & Rob McCracken Situation

Eddie Hearn Addresses Carl Froch Comments On The AJ & Rob McCracken Situation

Following a series of contentious remarks from Anthony Joshua about his former trainer, Rob McCracken, boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has offered some valuable insights into the situation. Speaking with Seconds Out, Hearn addressed Joshua’s recent comments that insinuated McCracken hadn’t taught him adequate defence.

“I think that was more about AJ responding to Carl Froch’s comments,” said Hearn. “He’s in a really good place and genuinely saying that when I went to Dallas, there’s no anger in him towards that situation.”

Eddie Hearn On The AJ & Rob McCracken Situation

Joshua’s criticism of McCracken, who helped him on his journey to achieve significant career victories, came as a shock to many. But Hearn suggests that this is not a result of personal animosity, rather it’s a phase of evolution for the heavyweight champion. Joshua’s comments seem to underscore his determination to venture beyond his comfort zone, reassess his approach, and elevate his performance.

“He’s going to do him now,” said Hearn. “I think AJ is learning to be himself and finding what makes him happy.” He went on to add that Joshua is focused on his future, “I think he’s realizing that he has to do what he believes is right. And that’s all that matters.”

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