Eddie Hearn Calls for Clear Line Between Boxing and Influencer Fights

Eddie Hearn Calls for Clear Line Between Boxing and Influencer Fights

The increasing prevalence of influencer fights in the world of boxing has caught the attention of Eddie Hearn, who previously organized the rematch between YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, and has now voiced his concerns over these events’ impacts on the sport.

We need to kick this as far away as possible from professional boxing,” said Hearn. “It’s fine, it can exist, but it’s not boxing and it’s not what we’re about.”

Eddie Hearn Wants Clarity Between Boxing and Influencer Fights

While acknowledging the profitability of these influencer fights, Hearn expressed deep unease with their influence, particularly on younger audiences. “Kids are watching these guys,” he said, stressing the responsibility these influencers carry. “They’ve actually got a responsibility to act in the right way.”

Hearn further emphasized his commitment to traditional boxing, highlighting his passion for the sport’s authenticity and integrity. “My heart is in the sport,” he said. “I’ve always been a fan of boxing and I want to see it treated with the respect it deserves.”

Though these influencer fights may have their place, Hearn firmly believes they should not be confused with professional boxing. He asserted, “It’s important we recognize the difference, for the sake of our sport and for the next generation.”

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