April 22, 2023 - Ryan Garcia sits Out The 10 Count In His Fight With Gervonta Davis. Did Ryan Garcia Quit?

Eddie Hearn Believes That Ryan Garcia QUIT Against Gervonta Davis, “A Lot Of Fighters Would’ve Got Up Off That Knee”

Did Ryan Garcia Quit Against Gervonta Davis? Eddie Hearn Certainly Believes So

Ryan Garcia watched the referee count to ten and decided not to get up when he was dropped for the second time by Gervonta Davis in round seven of Saturday’s Las Vegas super fight.

Julio Cesar Chavez BLASTS Ryan Garcia Over His KO Loss To Gervonta Davis

The first knockdown was scored in round two with a terrifically-timed counter left hand that changed the momentum of the fight. The second time he went down it was the result of a late reaction to a left punch to the body. A shot that seemed brutal and Garcia concluded that he could not continue.

Eddie Hearn’s Thoughts

“When you look in the referee’s eyes and watch him count to ten in front of you, and get up at 10 and walk to the corner like that.” Eddie Hearn explained to Boxing Social

“You have to try and get up. Unless you don’t want to. I’m saying ‘You got to get up’. If you’re a fighter you got to get up.”

Garcia waited for the count to end as he clearly didn’t want to continue fighting, a move which is acceptable for a normal person but one that you shouldn’t make as a ‘fighter’ according to the Matchroom chief.

“Ryan Garcia’s body shot on Luke Campbell folded him in half. He wasn’t on a knee (describes Ryan Garcia waiting until the count of 10 to get up)”

Hearn explains that if Garcia was fit to get up immediately after the count in the state that he did, he could’ve beaten the count itself and continued fighting even if he was in pain. The British promoter believes that Garcia’s decision not to get up can only be described as a quit – a move he thinks that other fighter’s wouldn’t have made

Watch Darren Barker against Daniel Geale, you get up. Even if you can’t stand up, you get up. If you’re looking at the ref count to ten and you’re on one knee, and when he gets to 10, you get up and you walk straight to the corner, you have to get up.”

“He still quit. There are a lot of fighters that would’ve got up off that knee.”

Ryan Garcia’s Injury

One of Garcia’s sparring partners, former Olympian and 5-0 professional Tsendbaatar Erdenebat, claimed via Instagram that he injured Garcia to the body in one of their sparring sessions for his April 22 fight, an injury Gervonta Daivs knew about before the fight.

Ryan Garcia Sparring Partner Confirms Gervonta Davis’s “Hurt To The Body” Claim

Erdenebat than gave a full explanation about the sparring sessions after public backlash.

“Yesterday, Ryan Garcia lost to Tank Davis. He got hit in the body and lost. Ryan was injured coming into this fight. I uploaded a video on social media today about his injury. It was an apology for injuring him leading into this fight. It was during the sparring session, and because of that it costs you this fight.”

“It was only because I felt bad about injuring you right before the fight. Everyone’s got upset especially people that bet on Ryan. It’s getting headlined on social media, I am getting called names, they called me ‘rat’ and ‘mole’. It was only an apology. I didn’t rat on no one, I am not a rat.”

“I was getting paid to spar. It was about 6k a month. It was in the sixth spar, I hit him with the punch I was practising, I hit him in the body and he got injured. Ryan went to the hospital and I went home with half of my salary. I got fired from the sparring”

“The video I uploaded on Instagram was only to apologize to Ryan.”

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