Dmitry Salita Insists Shields vs Marshall Rematch MUST Be In The US

Dmitry Salita Insists Shields vs Marshall Rematch MUST Be In The US

Shields vs Marshall in the US, anyone? Detroit witnessed Clarissa Shields retaining her Undisputed Middleweight titles against Maricela Cornejo last month. Boxing promoter Dmitry Salita, in a conversation with Seconds Out, described the event as momentous and one that breathed new life into Detroit’s boxing scene.

Dmitry Salita, promoter of Claressa Shields called the event a resounding success. Salita noted that Shields’ performance was crucial in rejuvenating the boxing scene in Detroit and demonstrated her standing as one of the world’s premier fighters.

“Few fighters can headline a big arena like Clarissa did. This fight was incredible, selling an impressive number of tickets,” Salita said. The event attracted a global audience, with visitors from England, Africa, and all over the United States.

Shields vs Marshall In The US?

Salita then spoke about the highly anticipated rematch of Shields vs Marshall. Although he did not provide a specific timeline for the rematch, he stressed that it would have to take place in the United States, with Claressa Shields’ hometown Detroit being a leading candidate.

“Clarissa fought at least once in the U.K and sold a tremendous amount of tickets so I really believe that financially and promotion wise visibility wise it would make the most sense if there’s a rematch with Clarissa and Savannah Marshall for it to be in Detroit,” Salita said.

The question is, would the fight make more sense to take place in the UK, or the USA, based on each fighter’s fanbase? We’re sure Savannah Marshall might have something to say on the matter.

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