DAZN Reportedly Interested In Broadcast Deal With Al Haymon's PBC Amid Rumours Of Showtime's Exit

DAZN Reportedly Interested In Broadcast Deal With Al Haymon’s PBC Amid Rumours Of Showtime’s Exit

  • 2023 Will Reportedly Be The Last Year For Showtime In Boxing
  • Al Haymons’ PBC Are Looking For A New Broadcaster From 2024 Onwards
  • DAZN And Amazon Are Reportedly Contenders To Link Up With Haymon

Showtime has long been rumoured to follow HBO and exit from boxing.

Every year is apparently Showtime’s last but the broadcaster has continued to invest in and stay in the sport despite rumours of its demise.

2023 – a flagship year for the network’s boxing schedule and this year the rumours may well be true.

After a 37-year successful stint in boxing, Paramount has reportedly pulled the plug on the sport and the network will supposedly stop showing boxing in 2024 – partly due to poor ratings.

Where Will The PBC Go After Showtime? DAZN or Amazon?

Earlier this month, Chris Mannix claimed that there have been discussions between the PBC and Amazon for the tech giant to become the PBC’s future broadcast partner.

“PBC has talked to Amazon”, Mannix told Keith Idec on an episode of his Boxing With Chris Mannix podcast, “I believe that’s their preferred destination, they prefer to do a deal with Amazon.”

NoSmokeSport.com spoke to Eddie Hearn last month about the PBC’s future and Hearn also mentioned Amazon as a potential network partner for the PBC, as well as DAZN.

ThaBoxingVoice is now reporting that reliable sources have told them that DAZN is also interested in a deal with the PBC.

DAZN have existing US deals with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing, Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions and Jake Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions.

The broadcaster has also shown US cards from Overtime (OTX) Boxing, Lou Di Bella and Dmitry Salita in 2023 as the network looks to expand on its US boxing offering outside of Matchroom and Golden Boy.

And it is now claimed that the PBC could be the next move for DAZN.

NoSmokeSport’s Take On PBC’s Next Move

Outside of Amazon Prime and DAZN, there are likely numerous other interested parties. NBC announced a deal with BOXXER yesterday to show their UK cards on Peacock.

Financially, DAZN would be a viable partner for the PBC.

The ratings on the network would probably match Showtime if PBC were to join forces with DAZN, and the network has distributed several US pay-per-view events in the last 18 months.

From a boxing fan’s perspective, having three of the four major players in US boxing on the same network is a move that is more than welcome.

Obviously from PBC’s side, Amazon is obviously a more popular platform and a network that could invest more in the sport but will they do so is the question.

Amazon Prime would more than likely have to launch a pay-per-view arm to accompany PBC events although there is no doubt that they would easily be able to advertise such offerings to a subscriber base in excess of 150m in the US.

By Darshan Desai