Daniel Dubois’ Trainer “He’s Injury-free and Ready for Usyk”

Daniel Dubois’ Trainer: “He’s Injury-free and Ready for Usyk”

Boxing trainer Don Charles has confirmed that Daniel Dubois is “injury-free” and in top form ahead of his fight against the reigning heavyweight world champion, Oleksandr Usyk. The much-anticipated bout for the unified IBF, IBO, WBA, and WBO Heavyweight World Championships is set to take place on August 26th in Wroclaw, Poland.

Daniel Dubois Injuries

Speaking in an interview with Seconds Out, Charles dismissed speculation about Dubois carrying an injury into the fight. He said, “If there’s an injury, no, we will not be training to fight for the unified belt. That would be crazy. He did have an operation from injuries sustained from his last fight, which is healed nicely, and there’s been absolutely no problem in preparation.”

In the interview, Don Charles was asked about Dubois’ fight against Kevin Lerena where Daniel Dubois was knocked down and injured, Charles spoke highly of fellow coach Shane McGuigan, particularly noting his steadiness under pressure. He acknowledged, “Credit to Shane McGuigan. He didn’t panic in a critical situation and was able to stabilize his fighter.” This statement serves as a testament to McGuigan’s ability to remain calm during intense situations, ensuring his fighter’s performance remains undeterred.

Charles also highlighted Daniel Dubois’s strong belief in his own abilities and the full support he has from his team. “Trust me, this young kid totally believes and he’s got a team around him who also believes… to aid him, encourage him, and prep him to pull off this historic victory,” Charles explained.

When asked about the strengths of Usyk, Charles confidently responded that, like any other fighter, Usyk too has weaknesses that they intend to exploit. “Everybody has a weakness, and we know what those weaknesses are… we’re also looking at his, and we will exploit them,” Charles stated.

Charles was firm in his belief that Dubois is more than just a powerful puncher. He said the world will see a new side of the boxer on fight night, “Yes, there is definitely more to him than that and people will see on the 26th.”

Discussing the general consensus that has overlooked Dubois’s chances in the match, Charles expressed understanding but stressed they were in Poland to change that narrative. He praised Daniel Dubois for his comeback in his last fight, mentioning how he rose from the canvas to win the match in spectacular fashion.

When asked about the tag of ‘quitter’ that some in the boxing fraternity have labeled Dubois with, Charles defended him vehemently, “He took a knee because his eye had gone, that was a very sensible thing to do… I think it was a very clever thing for him to have done.”

Charles expressed the hope that a victory over Usyk will cement his place as a top coach in the boxing world. He concluded by emphasizing his total focus on Daniel Dubois’s upcoming fight, brushing aside any discussions about other heavyweight division events. “Right now, my concentration is on this. So whatever is going on with everyone else, quite frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” he stated.

The full interview between Seconds Out and Don Charles can be seen here

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