Chris Eubank Jr. Dismisses Conor Benn's Innocence For Doping

Chris Eubank Jr. Dismisses Conor Benn’s Innocence For Doping

Chris Eubank Jr. recently sat down with Seconds Out to discuss his recent career move in switching trainer to Brian BoMac Mcintyre and shared his thoughts on Conor Benn’s ongoing controversy. The interview reveals the reasoning behind Eubank’s decision-making and his personal perspective on issues within the boxing industry.

Eubank Jr. opened up about his decision to fight Liam instead of Benn. “There were offers which I entertained, but it came down to what I wanted to do personally, and that was always going to be Liam,” Eubank Jr. explained. He further elaborated that he aims to “right the wrong” and avenge his loss before he moved on to anything else.

The conversation then steered towards Benn, who is currently caught in a doping controversy. Benn had tested positive in two drug tests, raising significant questions about his future in boxing.

Chris Eubank Jr. Dismisses Conor Benn’s Innocence

When asked whether he feels Conor Benn is an ‘innocent man’, Eubank Jr. said, “No, no one believes that, he failed two drug tests. He can be absolved and allowed to fight back in the UK and whatever else, but he’s still gonna have to live with being labelled a drug cheat for the rest of his career, regardless of what lawyers, courts and Eddie Hearn says.”

He recognized that many fighters go through similar situations and bounce back. However, he also acknowledged the unfortunate reality that drug usage has become a part of the sport. Eubank Jr. concluded, “It’s part of the sport, unfortunately, but it is what it is.”

The question to ask now, is do boxing fans still want to see a fight between Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Jr. after their first scheduled fight fell through days before it was supposed to take place?

Full Interview with Chris Eubank Jr. and Seconds Out

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