Bryce Hall Teases Influencer Boxing Return - Who And Where Will He Fight

Bryce Hall Teases Influencer Boxing Return – Who And Where Will He Fight?

Bryce Hall has teased his Influencer Boxing Ring Return On Twitter And Has People Speculating Who, Where, and When will be fighting

In a recent tweet, Bryce Hall confirmed that he will be returning to influencer boxing sooner than fans expected. In the tweet that was in response to rumors circulating and prominent figures in the scene saying he’d be coming back soon, he himself confirms he will be returning.
“I guess the cat’s out the bag about me getting back in the ring in August, but hey! There’s something bigger & different about this one. My balls will be in my stomach when I announce it.”

Who Will Bryce Hall Fight Next?

It’s been no secret that Mams Taylor (one-third of Misfits Boxing leadership) has been working very hard to try and get Bryce back into influencer boxing as he has mentioned working on it multiple times on Twitter spaces. Although the opponent and time was always the big question. Many fans have been proposing that he could fight Ryan Taylor, saying it would be a great all-action fight.

Whereas other fans have been suggesting people like Deji as his opponent, as well as part of Deji’s training team Leon Wills himself. Bryce has also confirmed that his next fight will be between the weights of 165lbs-170lbs which is the weight Deji has been fighting at for all of his influencer boxing career. Despite this, Deji is still most likely not the opponent though. This is because Bryce Hall has been repeatedly saying this opponent is someone fans think he’ll be ‘stupid’ for fighting, and Deji, even after two strong wins, is not at that caliber of the opposition that Bryce is teasing.

Where Will Bryce Hall Fight Next?

So far the only piece of information regarding where Bryce will be fighting in terms of promotion is that it won’t be on social gloves. Meaning the other prominent influencer boxing promotions such as Misfits Boxing, Kingpyn and others are all in play. There is also the question of which country this could be in, and it mainly depends on the promotion and opponent he will be fighting. Although Bryce does primarily have a US audience meaning that is generally more likely if it’s on a promotion that does shows in the USA.

When Will Bryce Hall’s Next Fight Be?

Another thing that has been confirmed for Bryce’s return to the ring is the month in which he will be fighting and that will be in August. This can give some clues as to which promotion hell be fighting on based on who has shows planned for that month. Although there could be other unannounced shows by old or new promotions which his fight will be held on.

We are expecting to have all of the above revealed within the next 2-3 weeks as major announcements are incoming for Kingpyn, Misfits and other influencer boxing promotions.

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By Owen Yard