Benavidez vs Andrade PPV Buys Estimate: A Detailed Breakdown Of The Indicators To Show What This Fight Could Do

Benavidez vs Andrade PPV Buys Estimate: A Detailed Breakdown Of The Indicators To Show What This Fight Could Do

At the time of writing this, probably nobody knows how many pay-per-view buys Saturday’s fight between David Benavidez and Demetrius Andrade has done.

This article will attempt to predict the Benavidez vs Andrade PPV Buys by comparing numbers on different metrics to other PPV fights in the US and the buys they have achieved.

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This isn’t an exact science and a prediction may be well out but the two other times we have tried this was Spence Crawford and Canelo-Charlo and NoSmokeSport’s prediction was in-line with the final reported number.

Comparisons will be made to other Showtime PPVs where buy rates are somewhat accepted. Spence Crawford 650k, Canelo Plant 750k, Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia 225k buys and Benavidez Plant 150k.

All Access

Benavidez vs Andrade

Episode 1: 969k

Spence vs Crawford

Episode 1: 2.5M Views

Episode 2: 2.4M Views

Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia

Episode 1: 2.2m

Plant vs Benavidez

Episode 1: 1.8M Views

Canelo vs Plant

Episode 1: 2.8M Views

Episode 2: 2.6M Views

All Access numbers for Benavidez vs Andrade fall at around 54% of Benavidez Plant and around 44% of Davis Garcia. Gervonta Davis is obviously a massive star and his entire fanbase wasn’t necessarily interested in this fight like they were in Ryan Garcia for eg which did 1.2m buys. Benavidez Andrade had significantly less interest than Benavidez Plant which did 150k buys.

Press Conference

Numerous outlets covered the press conference. This comparison will only look into long-form versions of the top 5 most viewed videos from the news conference and will have two separate categories: launch press conferences and final press conferences.

Launch Press Conference

Benavidez vs Andrade~700k

Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia: ~500k

Spence vs Crawford: 1.8m

Benavidez vs Plant: ~500k

Canelo vs Plant: 2.8m

Final Press Conference

Benavidez vs Andrade~400k

Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia: ~800k

Spence vs Crawford: 1.5m

Benavidez vs Plant: 1.6m

Canelo vs Plant: 1.5m

The expected war of words was far more significant in Benavidez Plant. What helped Benavidez Andrade was Jermall Charlo on the Undercard, his fanbase she the Charlo-Benavidez rivalry.

Social Media Interaction/Clips

Top 5 Clips/Shorts From YouTube

Benavidez vs Andrade: ~900k

Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia: 4.4m

Spence vs Crawford: 5.9m

Benavidez vs Plant: 1.9m

Canelo vs Plant: 10.8m

Benavidez Andrade didn’t really have any viral clips on YouTube at all, Davis has always been a huge name on social media and his numbers are over par on this metric.

Highest Viewed Instagram Clip Relating To The Fight From Fighters + Broadcaster

Benavidez vs Andrade: 2.3m

Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia: 13m

Spence vs Crawford: 5.7m

Benavidez vs Plant: 1.8m

Canelo vs Plant: 17.5m

Benavidez Andrade eclipses Benavidez Plant as the final face off at the weigh in generates significant attention. It still falls far behind the others though.


Benavidez vs Andrade~900k

Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia: ~600k

Spence vs Crawford: 1.9m

Benavidez vs Plant: ~500k

Canelo vs Plant: 3.7m

Benavidez Andrade surprisingly beats both Davis Garcia and Benavidez Plant. The fight seems to have heated up in interest in the final day before the PPV as it was a long way behind before that.

Other Key Factors

David Benavidez-Demetrius Andrade had a very good undercard which was widely appreciated on social media and could be the difference between a fan buying a PPV and streaming it illegally.

Benavidez vs Andrade PPV Buys Prediction

Benavidez’s last PPV goes 3-3 against Benavidez Andrade in the six comparisons. Overall, the more important metrics ie the all access numbers and the press conferences are higher for Benavidez Plant and the differences favouring Benavidez Plant are stronger than Benavidez-Andrade.

Plant’s star power also has to be taken into account, considering that he has fought Canelo whilst Andrade has never really been in a significant fight and has been very inactive over the last two years, only fighting one time.

We expect it to fall below Benavidez-Plant based on these metrics especially since the war of words has fallen miles behind several fights here and the build-up has been respectful and not created much noise.

Benavidez’s previous appearance on pay-per-view and the constant mentions around Canelo will obviously help him as well as the strong undercard. The pre-fight numbers trend for this final PPV buy rate to fall around the 100k mark. predicts the Benavidez vs Andrade PPV buys at 100k based on a detailed analysis of the above listed and other metrics.

By NoSmokeSport

Image Credit: Ryan Hafey/PBC

Benavidez vs Andrade PPV Buys predicts the Benavidez vs Andrade PPV buys at 100k based on a detailed analysis of the above listed and other metrics.