Ben Shalom Responds to Eddie Hearn's Comments on Ben Whittaker & Bivol vs Azeez Talks

Ben Shalom Responds to Eddie Hearn’s Comments on Ben Whittaker & Bivol vs Azeez Talks

In an interview with Boxing News after the press conference for the fight card between Franchon Cruz Dezurn and Savannah Marshall in Manchester, promoter Ben Shalom dispelled rumors surrounding a potential fight between Dmitry Bivol and Dan Azeez. Shalom also addressed comments made by rival promoter Eddie Hearn regarding Olympic medalist Ben Whittaker.

Ben Shalom on Dmitry Bivol vs Dan Azeez

During the interview, Ben Shalom was questioned about recent comments made by Eddie Hearn that a fight between Dmitry Bivol and Dan Azeez might be in the works. He clarified, “Eddie said that he’s in talks… but he’s not in talks with Dan. Dan’s with Boxer, Dan’s with Sky, and I’ve not received anything.” Shalom denied the rumors, emphasizing that no such talks have been going on.

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Eddie Hearn’s Comments Regarding Ben Whittaker

On the topic of Ben Whittaker, Shalom responded to teasing comments made by Eddie Hearn. Hearn had suggested that once Whittaker is ready, after gaining experience, Hearn might work with him and take him to the biggest platforms and big fights. Shalom responded, “I don’t think anyone’s in a rush to leave Sky. I think it’s flattering. The biggest fighters are always going to get huge attention.” He expressed optimism about the future, saying, “Our stable now is getting big attention. I feel like in 12 months’ time they’re going to be even bigger names.”

Shalom was effusive in his praise of Ben Whittaker, labeling him a “superstar in the making” with the talent to match. He expressed excitement over Whittaker’s ring return, sharing that Whittaker had been recovering from an injury but was now ready to step back into the ring. “We’ll announce his next fight straight away after this one… delighted that he’s back, can’t wait to see him in the ring on Saturday night,” he said.

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You can watch the full interview with Boxing News here

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