Anthony Joshua's Diet Consists Of A WHOPPING 5,500 Calories A Day

Anthony Joshua’s Diet Consists Of A WHOPPING 5,500 Calories A Day

  • Anthony Joshua Stopped Otto Wallin In Five Rounds On The ‘Day Of Reckoning’
  • Fans Commented Positively On The Improved And Confident AJ They Saw In The Ring
  • After The Fight, Wesley Cannonier Revealed Anthony Joshua’s Diet In Training Camp

Anthony Joshua stopped Swedish southpaw Otto Wallin in five rounds in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia late last year.

Joshua’s performance was one of the best we’d seen from the British Heavyweight in years and a lot of credit has been given to his new trainer Ben Davison for the increased aggressiveness and confident boxing.

Ahead of his fight with Wallin, Joshua’s new diet was revealed to the public.

Anthony Joshua’s Diet Revealed

After his weigh-in for his fight against Otto Wallin, Chef Wesley Cannonier revealed that AJ consumed a meal consisting of steak, potato, courgette, and broccoli to try and eat a heavy-carb intake to give him energy for his fight.

Whilst in camp, the former unified Heavyweight champion eats five meals a day. He will start the day with breakfast, followed by a snack to eat either whilst he’s training or on the way back from training.

Then he’ll have lunch after his first session and fuel up with snacks either before, during or after his second training session followed by an evening meal after his second session.

His evening snacks typically contain of a raw egg shake – 5-6 eggs, pineapple, apple, and cashew nuts. AJ’s go-to breakfast is scrambled eggs.

When Joshua does have a lighter training session though, he will lower his carb intake and eat lighter meals. On rest days, the Watford-born boxer eats fewer meals and fewer snacks as his body doesn’t need a surplus of calories.

Anthony Joshua consumes a stunning 5,000-5,500 calories a day.

“He’s got to maintain that weight”, revealed Chef Cannonier to Matchroom Boxing, “He’s not going to drop weight and he’s not going to gain weight because he trains so hard, it’s more just fuel in the body to perform so it’s gonna prevent muscle damage and repair for when the fight happens.”

“If we’re in camp, we try and source food from the coasts. We’ll source food that is local from farmers, not many pesticides/things are gonna be added to the food, it’s as natural as possible.”

Cannonier revealed that Joshua was ‘one of the most disciplined athletes’ he’d worked with in recent times.

By Darshan Desai

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How Many Calories Does Anthony Joshua Eat A Day?

Anthony Joshua eats a whopping 5,000-5,500 calories a day split across five meals when he is in training camp.