Anthony Joshua odds as he focuses on his upcoming 2024 boxing matches

Exploring Anthony Joshua Odds for Potential 2024 Fights

As 2024 unfolds, the boxing landscape is buzzing with anticipation, largely driven by Riyadh Season and Turki AlAlsheikh’s strategic investments in the sport. Central to this excitement is Anthony Joshua, with the Anthony Joshua odds for his next fights being a hot topic among fans and analysts alike. This interest extends beyond mere matchups; it’s about how these new dynamics are reshaping the entire boxing scene.

Potential 2024 Matchups for Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua recently secured a notable victory over Francis Ngannou, knocking him out in the second round of their bout in Riyadh on March 8th, 2024. This win was quite significant, as Ngannou had previously pushed Tyson Fury to the limit in his boxing debut, making Joshua’s decisive victory even more impactful​.

Following this win, Joshua’s path could potentially lead to a clash with the winner of the upcoming fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, scheduled for May 18th 2024. This fight will determine the undisputed heavyweight champion, and Joshua could be in line to challenge the victor if the loser agrees to step aside for the fight to happen​.

Moreover, there have been talks of a two-fight deal between Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, potentially adding another high-stakes series to Joshua’s schedule, which would further define his legacy in the heavyweight division​. Or, if Zhilei Zhang beats Deontay Wilder on June 1st 2024 we may well see Anthony Joshua vs Zhilei Zhang next sometime around September 2024.

Exploring Anthony Joshua Odds for Potential 2024 Fights
Credit: Lewis Moore / @MoorePhotoss

The Impact of Riyadh Season and Turki AlAlsheikh on Boxing

Under the patronage of Riyadh Season and the visionary leadership of Turki AlAlsheikh, boxing has seen an infusion of enthusiasm and capital. This revitalization has not only increased the sport’s popularity but also enhanced the quality and scale of events. For fighters like Joshua, this means more lucrative deals and broader global attention, factors that are likely to influence his strategies and choices of opponents.

Analyzing Anthony Joshua Odds for Upcoming Fights

The betting odds for Joshua’s next fights are as fluctuating as the stock market. Current speculation suggests favourable odds against younger contenders, but they tighten significantly when seasoned veterans are considered. Betting agencies and sports analysts are keeping a close eye on Joshua’s training regime, public statements, and any hints from his camp, recalibrating odds in real-time to reflect the most likely outcomes.

Who is likely to be Anthony Joshua’s next opponent?

While nothing is set in stone, potential high-profile fights include rematches with Tyson Fury or Oleksandr Usyk, or a long-awaited bout against Deontay Wilder.

What are the odds of Anthony Joshua winning his next fight?

The odds vary depending on the opponent but generally favor Joshua against lesser-known contenders while being more balanced or even slightly against him when facing elite fighters like Fury or Wilder.

How has Joshua’s training changed in preparation for his upcoming fights?

Joshua has incorporated more agility and speed-focused training while in camp with his new trainer Ben Davison