6ft 3 YouTuber Says He Would 'Choke Out' Claressa Shields In A Cage Fight

6ft 3″ YouTuber Says He Would ‘Choke Out’ Claressa Shields In A Cage Fight

In a recent video review, The Hodge Twins provided their candid commentary on the controversial sparring session involving female boxing champion Claressa Shields and male professional fighter Arturs Ahmetovs. The video, capturing Shields being knocked down, has sparked discussions on social media.

Addressing the sparring footage that has been released by Arturs Ahmetovs on social media recently, one of the Hodge Twins humorously expressed his hesitation about fighting Claressa Shields himself in a boxing match, saying, “I wouldn’t fight her; if she challenged me, but I’d challenge her to a cage fight. Yeah, ’cause I got arthritis – see them fingers? It hurts to punch, but I grab your ass, I lay on you, and I’mma choke you out, make you tap.”

Claressa Shields Sparring Footage

The Twins also commented on Ahmetovs’ punches, speculating that he might have held back. “I guess he’s semi-pro. I don’t even think he really hit her hard; it looked like he was holding back ’cause when Russians hit you, man, they punch through you,” said one of the Twins.

Addressing the size difference, they mentioned, “That’s dangerous what she doing; she got a chip on her. Pride can get her hurt. Pride can get you hurt, man. I wouldn’t be sparring dudes; you know?”

Discussing Shields’ claim that Ahmetovs removed the padding from his gloves, the Twins expressed scepticism. “She’s making excuses because this video came out; it’s embarrassing for her. Why you got to make up stuff like he took padding out of his gloves?” questioned one of the Twins.

The Twins characterized Claressa Shields as a sore loser, stating, “She’s a sore loser. I don’t know why it’s embarrassing; you should be proud of that. I’ve sparred dudes; I’ve fought dudes.”

In a speculative tone, one of the Twins suggested, “You know what’s funny? She seemed like she’s embarrassed because she got knocked out by a guy. I mean, she’s probably a feminist.”

The full video review of the sparring footage and Claressa Shields’s comments from The Hodge Twins can be watched here. What are your thoughts on their view of Claressa Shields and the sparring footage?

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