WWE's Matt Riddle Under Investigation For Airport Incident news

WWE’s Matt Riddle Under Investigation For Airport Incident

WWE Superstar Matt Riddle is under investigation after taking to social media to claim the JFK Airport security in New York sexually assaulted him in a now deleted post.

WWE Matt Riddle Under Investigation

Matt Riddle took to his instagram account early Sunday afternoon to claim that he will never go back to JFK airport in New York City because the security “sexually assaulted” him. The post has now been deleted. But, TMZ has come out with a report after reaching out to law enforcement, saying that the port authority officers received a call for a disorderly person who was deplaning, which happened to be Riddle. Originally, Riddle was apologetic and everything seemed to end fine and he was let free.

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Authority was shocked at Riddles claims, saying they take them seriously and n ow an investigation is underway. We’ll continue to update as more information is available about the ongoing investigation.

From: Brady Alexander

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