WWE Prepared Talent For CM Punk Questions

WWE Prepared Talent For CM Punk Questions

CM Punk remains a key topic in the world of professional wrestling, even amongst those backstage. WWE has remained their “no” stance on the question of Punk signing to WWE at this time. But, they prepped talent for possible CM Punk questions for the WWE Fastlane pos-show media scrum.

CM Punk Questions Surround WWE

Fightful Select first broke the news that WWE had prepped talent in case of CM Punk questions at the WWE Fastlane post-show scrum, saying;

“On October 10, Fightful reported that WWE higher ups not only denied that CM Punk had been signed by WWE, but that there were any negotiations. This matched up with our report a couple of weeks prior that indicated there had been some feelers gauging interest in Punk on WWE’s side.
Despite Punk now being the top free agent in wrestling, and natural rumors swirling regarding his potential return to WWE, nobody after WWE Fastlane was asked about it at the post-show press conference. In the event that they were asked, both Triple H and a number of superstars were prepared to answer, and some stars were prepped on it.”

“Fightful Select was told that many in WWE were surprised that they weren’t asked about Punk, but that the line internally on him would have been very similar to what WWE higher ups told us on October 10 – that there’s no remaining ill will between the two sides, and the possibility is always there, but that Punk wasn’t signed, that negotiations weren’t ongoing, and that he wasn’t planned for the show as of then, and that fans shouldn’t buy tickets with the expectation of seeing him. Specifically Triple H was expecting to field questions about Punk that never got asked, and was planning on responding accordingly.
When we asked WWE higher ups this past Monday if CM Punk to WWE as of right now was still a “firm no,” they responded confirming as much.
On September 16, Punk said that he’s got free time for “the next two months.” We’ll continue to ask about his status as that date nears.”

CM Punk was also said to have an open door to TNA, if he so chose.

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From: Brady Alexander

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