Talent Reactions To CM Punks WWE Return

Talent Reactions To CM Punk’s WWE Return 

CM Punk returned to WWE in shocking fashion this past weekend at the end of Survivor Series: War Games in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Now that CM Punk has joined the WWE roster again, questions surrounding his status started to swirl, especially with the talent themselves. 

Talent React To CM Punk

We saw on screen reactions from Seth Rollins seemingly furious about CM Punk’s return. And many speculate this can be a shoot turned into a work, as Rollins is taking some real-life heat and turning it into a storyline. But, Fightful Select has reported that other talent have inquiries about CM Punk as well, stating; “We’re told that many WWE talent expect to speak with higher ups and gain some assurances about Punk and how he will be in the company moving forward.”

CM Punk hasn’t always been pleasant, as we’ve seen him get into backstage fights at AEW, notably with The Elite and then Jack Perry, which led to his release. The AEW roster seemed split on liking/disliking Punk, but when asked about the reaction of the AEW roster to Punk returning to WWE, Fightful Select noted; “The majority of reactions we’ve gained within AEW is people asking about how the reaction within WWE has been. The answer to that is much more tepid than originally expected, just as was the case when Punk came back to AEW for Collision. In both WWE and AEW, there had been people that had said they didn’t want to work with him and would consider leaving, but we heard of no release requests from people in AEW and now WWE connected to it.”

It’ll be interesting to see if CM Punk being back brings a hostile environment to the WWE locker room, as some like Seth Rollins seem unhappy, while the likes of Cora Jade, Cathy Kelley, Zelina Vega, Kofi Kingston and more have been vocal about support and excitement of CM Punk being back. He does make his first RAW appearance in nearly 10 years tonight. So, we’ll see what the man himself has to say. 

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