Potential Spoilers For WWE Royal Rumble 2024 

Potential Spoilers For WWE Royal Rumble 2024 

WWE’s Royal Rumble is live tonight at 8PM ET on Peacock. The event is one of the most fun premium live events of the year every year for WWE. But, along with the Royal Rumble comes surprises. Below are potential spoilers for tonight’s event. If you wish to not be spoiled, do not read any further. You’ve been warned. 

WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Spoilers

There’s a ton of news coming out about the WWE Royal Rumble tonight from multiple outlets and sources. This is the 2024 Royal Rumble round-up, here you can see the potential spoilers for tonight’s event. As of now, nothing below is 100% confirmed, but the speculation is running wild. starting us off is none other than The Rock. Earlier this week it was reported by Wrestling Observer that The Rock was “headstrong” about competing against Roman Reigns at this years WrestleMania. If that is the case, there’s potential that The Rock could show up tonight and even win the Royal Rumble match. Yet, there’s always a chance of someone else winning and challenging World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. So, if The Rock does not show up tonight, don’t count him out for WrestleMania just yet. 

Another huge piece of news dropped just minutes ago when Fightful Select reported that  WWE has reached out to outside companies this past weekend about potentially utilizing their talent for the Royal Rumble match. Raj Giri then took to social media to say that the WWE/TNA relationship is reaching new heights. TNA, the former IMPACT Wrestling, was previously apart of the Royal Rumble in 2022 when Mickie James made a surprise appearance while wearing the IMPACT Knockouts Championship. Now, PWInsider reports that much of the same will happen, except this time, current TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace will be apart of the match.

It was also reported that former TNA Knockouts Champion Trinity, AKA Naomi, is internally set to return tonight at the Royal Rumble. Naomi was apart of the WWE roster for many years, and even a former SmackDown Women’s Champion before leaving the company and heading to TNA, where she stayed for about a year. Now, tonight, Naomi could make the Royal Rumble feel the glow. 

Fightful Select also reported today that NXT Stars Carmelo Hayes, Blair Davenport and Tiffany Stratton are backstage at the Royal Rumble. While they could be just visiting, we do know that NXT will be involved in the Royal Rumble as confirmed by Michael Cole on last nights SmackDown. Another big surprise for the event on the women’s side is the debut of Jade Cargill. Fightful reported earlier today that Jade was at the Royal Rumble rehearsals on Thursday. It’s been a couple months since Jade has signed to WWE, but has yet to make her official in-ring debut. That could change tonight. For those wondering, the likes of Mercedes Monè, Kazuchika Okada and MJF are not set for tonight’s event.

Fightful has also reported the Royal Rumble match order for tonight’s show, which is as followed:

– Women’s Royal Rumble

– Fatal 4 Way WWE Title Match

– Kevin Owens vs. Logan Paul

– Men’s Royal Rumble.

The card is always subject to change, and matches could be switched around. But for now, the Women are set to open the show, with the Men’s Rumble closing. 

Lastly, after all the controversy this week regarding Vince McMahon’s allegations, Slim Jim pulled out of the Royal Rumble as a sponsor. Vince McMahon then resigned from the company and earlier today, Slim Jim put out a statement that they are back in as a sponsor for tonight’s event. One of the names also in the controversy is Brock Lesnar, who’s apart of the lawsuit regarding Vince McMahons criminal acts. Fightful reported that Brock Lesnar was set for the Royal Rumble match as a big return, Brock was scheduled to be traveling to Tampa, Florida for the event, but now things are up in the air due to the lawsuit, and there’s a chance WWE could change plans and scrap Brock from the event all together. 

WWE’s Royal Rumble is live on peacock at 8PM ET. Surprises, debuts, returns and much more is always apart of tonight’s huge event; don’t miss it. 

From: Brady Alexander

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