Seth Rollins Looking To Make The WWE World Heavyweight Title Important

Seth Rollins Looking To Make The WWE World Heavyweight Title Important

Seth Rollins recently was crowned the new and first-ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Though WWE has had a World Heavyweight Championship in the past, they’ve revealed that this new title won’t continue with the lineage that the old title had, meaning the history of the championship starts with Rollins.

Many fans immediately spoke out about it being a ‘workhorse’ type title that’s defended frequently, unlike the WWE Undisputed title held by Roman Reigns, who often goes months without a defense. In the past, due to Roman’s grip over the top championship, people depicted the Intercontinental Championship as a workhorse belt, which is currently held by Gunther. While this still may hold true, Seth is looking to make his title as meaningful as possible and as prestigious as any other top championship.

Seth Rollins WWE World Heavyweight Title

Recently, Seth Rollins sat down with fellow pro-wrestler Mark Andrews on his My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast to respond to people who think the World Heavyweight Championship will be some sort of work rate title and reveals that his main goal is to make the title as relevant as any other top wrestling belt.

I think just kind of calling it the work-rate title is a little bit underselling it. At the end of the day, the title exists because our roster is so chock full of talent. There’s just too much to have one champion that’s not around very much, and so I think the fact that we had so many worthy contenders, people that could hold this championship, I think that is the reason the title exists. If we had a weak roster and things weren’t good and stuff wasn’t hot, it might be fine just to have one champion who wasn’t around, didn’t want to make live events, but that’s just not the case. We’re selling out left and right, we’re hot, from here to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Paris, France, Mexico City, it doesn’t matter. We’re just selling out left and right, and we need to have a World Heavyweight Champion on the men’s side to represent that level of competition. So I think we’re going to put in the work to build this title to be as big as any championship in wrestling. We’re not naive and think that we don’t need to put that work. We know that it needs to happen. But we’ve got the roster, and the guys and the crew who are willing to put in the time to make it feel as big as it is,”

– Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins certainly has the in-ring ability and star power to bring prestige to the World Championship, and with the schedule he’s on, taking and defending the title everywhere, even at un-televised events, they’re on the right path to success. The question is, can he make the title feel on the same level as Roman Reigns Undisputed Championship?

From the day WWE announced the World Title, it was immediately placed as a consolation prize while Reigns held on to the real belt, as it was clear that WWE was not taking the championship from him any time soon, especially after hitting a record-setting 1000 days as champion just last week. But, it’s believed that the more Rollins defends his title and has more and more screen time, his championship can be seen on par with the Undisputed title as the company’s top championship. It may take some time for people to come around to the idea of having two number one titles, but if anyone can make the title seem worthy, it’s Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins.

By: Brady Alexander

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