Scott D'Amore Confirms The Six Sided Ring Will Not Return

Scott D’Amore Confirms The Six Sided Ring Will Not Return

Many fans were immediately curious about the possibility of the infamous six sided wrestling ring returning to the rebranded TNA, a staple of TNA of old. But, it seems like that is not happening, as IMPACT Wrestling/TNA President Scott D’Amore has shut that down.

Scott D’Amore Shuts Down The Six Sided Ring Talk

Following the announcement of TNA returning on January 13th at the Hard To Kill Pay-Per-View, the companies President Scott D’Amore sat down with IMPACT commentator Tom Hannifan to talk about the return of TNA. During the talk, which you can see in full here, the prospect of the return of the six sided ring came up, and Scott D’Amore shut it down.

“The six-sided ring question comes up all the time, I get it, I was in the ring when the six-sided ring was brought in. I know it has its supporters. The fact is, at the end of the day, almost to a person, the athletes that have performed in the six-sided ring don’t prefer it. They say it’s harder on the body, it creates more injury, and more than injury, it creates more wear and tear on the body. Doing it night after night is harder on the body. We’re happy to have conversations about how to make the product look the best, but one of the things, unwaveringly, that we’re not willing to negotiate on or compromise is the athlete’s health and safety. We’re going to be a four-sided ring. I know that disappoints a lot of people, but my respectful and honest question to that is, ‘do you really love the six-sided ring more than you love ensuring the health and safety of the men and women who get in the ring and put their health on the line? Do you want to make a more dangerous situation for them?’ It’s wrestling, never say never, there could be changes in the future. It’s a simple one for us, athlete safety is number one, so we have four sides. Take that off the table and anything else is possible,”

Former IMPACT Women’s champion Jordynne Grace even took to X to say “Do y’all want us to have long careers or a six sided ring?” Many other talent have come out in the past to say how dangerous and hard on the body the six sided ring has been, so it’s better off just keeping a traditional four sided ring for safety measures.

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Elsewhere in the interview, Scott D’Amore confirmed that the weekly Thursday show will still be called IMPACT, but it’ll just be under the TNA company name. “I think that for those that, you know, I’ve had a few people say “well, boy I really like IMPACT.” We’re back where we’re supposed to be. The name of the company is TNA Wrestling. But, every Thursday night, you’re tuning into IMPACT. TNA Wrestling: IMPACT.”

It was also asked whether or not they had to repurchase the “TNA” name and if they were getting new championship belt designs, Scott answered; “It didn’t involve a repurchase at all, TNA Wrestling has always been apart of the IP here, it’s always been owned by this company and that’s why you’re able to see back a few years ago we did a special on AXSTV, a one night TNA special there, we had planned a one night reunion show a few years ago, there’s no place like home. Well, now we get to celebrate there’s no place like home every single week.” He continued on,

“We had brought back for a short while the TNA World Heavyweight Title, so, no, there was no repurchase involved, it was about finding the right time and we all felt in our hearts this was the right time. Championship belts, we’ve got all the championship belts. And I know people have talked about a return to this design, a return to that design, and there’s some amazing designs and the belts will continue to evolve and change with time but we felt it was important that, you know, we’re TNA Wrestling and we’re still moving forward. We have all new championship belts and those will be revealed as we lead up here to Hard To Kill. One of the things to address is all of the current IMPACT Wrestling champions, that lineage will continue. So, we’re not crowning new champions. If the switch flipped today, Trinity would be the Knockouts World Champion, Alex Shelley would be the TNA World Champion, so on from there. I think fans will be excited to see the belts, we wanted to give them an update, we wanted to make them something new and we wanted to make them something that we pushed forward into a new era with.”

Scott D’Amore also spoke about a new feel and design to the company, confirming that there will be a new stage design and look to the new TNA. “I know the fans have been waiting for a new set, and some have been waiting very patiently and some have been waiting a little less patiently than others, and it all comes from a point of passion. We’re hard at work designing a new look and new feel for TNA to both honor our history but also to be forward thinking and forward moving,”

TNA Wrestling returns January 13, 2024 at Hard To Kill on Pay-Per-View and every event after.

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