Ring Of Honor Results: March 9, 2023

Ring Of Honor Results: March 9, 2023

Ring Of Honor is back for the second week on HonorClub with a packed episode. The show will kick off with the Ring Of Honor Television Championship on the line. Plus, the Ring Of Honor Women’s and Pure Championships will also be on the line. The Ring Of Honor Women’s Championship Match between Athena and challenger Willow Nightingale is our main event.

It was a fast-paced start for both women with Willow getting the best of the champion early on. Athena made the mistake of slapping Willow and firing her up. Suplex’s and chops had Nightingale on a roll, but Athena started to target the arm of the challenger and turned things around. 

Athena was pulling out all the dirty tricks in her arsenal. Fish hooking willow and slamming her head into the mat repeatedly, the champion showed her aggressive side. But, of course, the crowd was behind the lovable Willow Nightingale and they cheered her on, willing her to fight back, but it was only a momentary comeback as Athena shut it down with the quickness. 

Athena took the action to the outside of the ring and drilled Willow’s head into the steel steps before smashing her shoulder into the ring post and slamming her arm between steps. The vicious targeting of the arms had Willow struggling to pull herself back into the ring, but Athena tried to go back on the attack quickly. Sadly for the champion, she rushed in too quickly and Willow caught her with a power-bomb, followed by a fireman’s carry slam on the outside floor. 

As both women got back into the ring, they started trading shots, Willow was awoken and started to mount a big comeback. She hit Athena with a huge spine buster for a near fall, then tried to follow up with another power-bomb but Athena tugged on the arm and knees her in the shoulder. Quickly, the champion locked in an ArmBar and then transitioned into a knee right to the face. 

Athena hit her knee drop finisher but Willow kicked out. She was still fighting, trying her best to fight back. When Athena took her eye off the ball out of frustration, Willow hit her signature pounce and had Athena right where she wanted her. Nightingale hit her gut wrench bomb self titled the “Babe Bomb”, but the champion again kicked out. 

Athena rolled out of the ring and tried to leave but Willow ran after her, but, it was bait. Athena gouged Willow in the eyes before slamming her on the entrance ramp. She followed up by pushing the challenger head first into the steps, rolling her into the ring, and hitting her O-Face finisher on Willow for the win. 

After the match, Athena wasn’t done. She attacked Willow after the bell and again slammed her into the steel steps. Unsportsmanlike from the champion to end the show. 

Ring Of Honor Results

You can see the full results from tonight’s Ring Of Honor episode below.

  • ROH Television Championship: Samoa Joe(c) def. Tony Deppen: Following the match, Samoa Joe called out any challengers. Mark Briscoe answered the call and accepted Joe’s challenge for a later date TBD. 
  • Dalton Castle and The Boys hyped up their upcoming match backstage and called out The Embassy for the Six-Man Tag Team Championships.
  • Dalton Castle & The Boys def. Marcus Kross, Cody Chun & Guillermo Rosas
  • The Kingdom was backstage to call out the tag team champions from ROH and AEW because they were coming for gold. But first, they want to knock Top Flight out of the way. 
  • RUSH & Dralistico def. Angelico and Serpentico 
  • Trish Adora def. Billie Starkz
  • Christopher Daniels was interviewed backstage. He mentioned that he wants to go after the ROH Tag Team Championships and he found a partner in Matt Sydal. Sydal made his presence known and said that they will be champions. 
  • Slim J & Ari Daivari def. Jake Crist and Jake Manning: Following the match, Ari called out Metalik who ran out and got beat down. Blake Christian came down with a chair to make the save. 
  • ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler YUTA(c) def. Timothy Thatcher: After the match, YUTA called out any of the NJPW LA Dojo boys. Suddenly, Clark Connors made his way out to the ring and challenged Wheeler to a Pure Title match for next week. YUTA accepted.
  • Aussie Open def. Rhett Titus and Tracy Williams
  • Eddie Kingston def. Ben Dejo: Eddie Kingston took the microphone after his win and called out ROH Champion Claudio Castagnoli and said he wants a title shot. Claudio came out and simply said “a man without honor will never be ROH champion” and left. Eddie chased him to the back. 
  • ROH Women’s Championship: Athena(c) def. Willow Nightingale 

By: Brady Alexander

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