Ring Of Honor Results: March 16, 2023

Ring Of Honor Results: March 16, 2023

Ring Of Honor is back for the third episode on HonorClub with a big episode. The show will kick off with a proving ground match as Willow Mack takes on the ROH World Champion, Claudio Castagnoli. Plus, the Ring Of Honor Pure Championship will be on the line as champion Wheeler YUTA defends against Clark Connors in the main event. 

Pure rules are in effect for this main event, one closed fist is able to be used, three rope breaks per person, and a disqualification will cause a title change.

The match kicks off very technical, just as you’d expect. Wheeler immediately was looking for submissions and caused Clark to use two rope breaks very early on in the match. 

Connors continued to stay in it, causing YUTA to use his one closed-fist punch, but the ref didn’t see it. Both men were exhausting their advantages as quickly as they could in order to get the upper hand as the tides turned back and forth. YUTA was really targeting the shoulder and in order to get him off, Clark Connors used his one closed-fist punch.

YUTA fired back with a closed fist of his own and the ref caught him this time. Connors started to fight back and had the momentum going his way as he locked in an ankle lock, forcing YUTA to use his first rope break. Connors tried to follow up but Wheeler YUTA trapped Clark in an arm bar variation before turning it into a pin for the win. YUTA retains the PURE Championship. 

Following the match, YUTA took the mic and said that since he just beat the student, he will not rest until he beats the teacher. Wheeler YUTA calls out Katsuyori Shibata for a future match!

Ring Of Honor Results

You can see the full results from tonight’s Ring Of Honor episode below.

  • Proving Ground Match: Claudio Castagnoli def. Willie Mack
  • Dante Martin def. Mike Bennett
  • Metalik & Blake Christian def. Ari Daivari & Slim J
  • Eddie Kingston def. Jeeves Kay
  • Proving Ground Match: Athena def. Than
  • Silas Young def. Marcus Kross
  • Trios Championship Match: The Embassy (c) def. Dalton Castle & The Boys
  • Trish Adora def. Madison Rayne
  • Christopher Daniels and Matt Sydal def. The Outrunners
  • ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler YUTA(c) def. Clark Connors 

By: Brady Alexander

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