Ring Of Honor Results: June 22, 2023

Ring Of Honor Results: June 22, 2023

Ring Of Honor is back for the seventeenth episode on HonorClub. Tonight’s show is packed with action including a huge eight man tag team match to kick off the show featuring the Lucha Bros, Komander and El Hijo Del Vikingo taking on Kip Sabian, Serpentico, Butcher and Blade. Plus, in our main event, Athena defends her Women’s Championship against Keira Hogan in a Street Fight!

Weapons surrounded the ring for the main event street fight where anything goes. Both Athena and Keira Hogan were dress in their best street wear, ready for war. It didn’t take long for the war to begin, either. 

Both women traded strikes to kick off the match and very quickly, Athena was the first to introduce a weapon, which happened to be a ladder. But, it backfired when Keira kicked it into her face, knocking her down on the outside. 

The brawl continued at ringside where both ladies fought all around ringside, and quickly into the outside brawling, more weapons were introduced into the match such as tables, trash cans and kendo sticks. 

Athena ended up putting Keira head first into a trash can and beating it with a kendo stick. She followed this up with a pin but only got a two count. Keira started to battle back and blasted Athena in the face with a trash can, before kicking it into her face again for good measures.

They were putting it all on the line, trying their best to come up with innovative ways to hurt their opponent. This included Keira Hogan looking to body splash Athena who was laying on top of a ladder. But, when the champion moved, the challenger went crashing ribs first on the steel rungs of the ladder.

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Athena was taking time to set up a tower of chairs stacked up on top of each other. But, that gave Keira time to recover, and that she did. Keira grabbed Athena and tossed her through a table that was propped up at ringside, and had the crowd going wild. 

They ended up trading shots back and forth with kendo sticks, leading to Athena getting the best of it. From there, she finished setting up her chair tower that consisted of roughly 20 chairs stacked up on top of one another. Again, this caused Keira to have time to fight back, and she ended up splashing Athena through another table at ringside, theirs wreckage everywhere at this point. 

More carnage ensued when both women were back into the ring, where Athena power-bombed Hogan through a table from the top rope, yet still only got a two count off of it. The frustration from Athena looked and she knew she had to do something big to put the challenger away. 

Athena wanted to amp up the damage and poured out a bag of thumbtacks all over the ring. From there, she tried to send Keira down into the tacks but it backfired, and the challenger Suplexed the champion onto the bed of tacks, causing them to stick inside of her and of course, drawing first blood.

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Keira tried to choke Athena out, but Athena raked her eyes in order to get out of the choke. From there, Athena finally used what she’s been teasing the entire match as she Suplexed Keira off the top rope onto the stacked tower of chairs!

It was a done deal from there, as Athena put Hogan back into the ring and pinned her for the win. Athena is still the ROH Women’s World Champion. Hell of a match from both. 

You can see full results from tonight’s Ring Of Honor episode below.

  • Lucha Bros, El Hijo Del Vikingo & Komander defeat The Butcher, Blade, Kip Sabian and Serpentico
  • Gringo Loco defeats Willie Mack
  • Trish Adora defeats Allysin Kay 
  • Kyle Fletcher defeats Silas Young
  • The Embassy defeats Trenton Storm, AZJ & Luke Kurtis
  • Dalton Castle defeats Josh Woods
  • The Infantry defeat The Kingdom
  • Lee Moriarty & Big Bill defeat Matt Sydal & Blake Christian
  • Alex Reynolds & Jon Silver defeat Davey Bang & August Matthews
  • Leyla Grey defeats Diamanté 
  • AR Fox, Action Andretti & Darius Martin defeat Shane Taylor, JD Drake & Anthony Henry
  • Pure Rules Match: Daniel Garcia defeats Ricky Romero
  • ROH Women’s Championship Street Fight: Athena(c) defeats Keira Hogan 

By: Brady Alexander

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