Backstage Reaction To CM Punk Return To WWE

Backstage Reaction To CM Punk Return To WWE

CM Punk is back in WWE and it has caused some mixed reactions backstage. Some are not too happy, while others are fine with it and curious to see where things end up. But, as Triple H noted on the Survivor Series post-show press conference, you either love him or hate him, but CM Punk keeps people talking. That seems to be the case backstage. 

CM Punk Brings Reaction To WWE Backstage

Seth Rollins was the first to be visibly angry on screen with CM Punk as he shouted obscenities and threw up the middle finger at Punk while many had to hold him back. Now, Fightful Select has reported that he was not the only one upset. 

“As it pertains to the main event talent being upset, there are numerous talent on the roster in general upset, just as there are some excited, curious and about every emotion. Talent were pulled aside before the WarGames match and told that CM Punk would be returning at the conclusion of the show. At least one talent claimed legitimately to be upset by the return of Punk, and both Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins looked visibly angry. We haven’t confirmed whether or not those were actual reactions, but they were at least claimed to be, for obvious reasons.  Seth Rollins had to be restrained by Michael Cole, Corey Graves and others. Drew McIntyre was said to have been visibly upset backstage, leaving the venue. It was not confirmed that McIntyre’s situation was related to that of Punk.” 

Fightful went on to speak on Nakamura, saying that his cryptic promos were not with the knowledge that a deal was in place, saying “WWE reiterated that any perceived references from the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, or on commentary were not with the knowledge this deal was in place.” 

CM Punk’s return was a true surprise to fans and talent, with little to no one knowing he was coming in. Fightful went on to report that a top talent worried about if people would lose trust with Triple H, saying “There was one top talent that told Fightful that they understood the surprise aspect of the situation, but felt like Triple H could lose some trust among many people that he worked to build it with.” 

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From: Brady Alexander

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