Oba Femi Crowned North American Champion On 1/9/24 WWE NXT

Oba Femi Crowned North American Champion On 1/9/24 WWE NXT

Oba Femi has just shocked the world just nine days into the new year as he is crowned the new NXT North American Champion on tonight’s edition of WWE NXT. With what seemed to be the continuation of championship dreams for Dragon Lee, has suddenly turned into a North American nightmare for the now former champion.

Oba Femi Wins His First WWE Championship

Dragon Lee returned to action tonight after being away from last week’s WWE NXT. Upon his return, he wanted to fight, and decided to put his NXT North American Championship up against anyone who would sign the contract. Well, Lexus King was the man to put pen to paper and the championship match was set for the main event of January 9th’s edition of WWE NXT. The two men battled it out as Lexus looked for his first piece of gold within WWE. But, he did not succeed. Dragon Lee picked up the win and retained his title. Then, the unthinkable happened.

Oba Femi popped up on the scene here and there last year, but really started making a name for himself several weeks back when he was entered into the NXT Breakout Tournament. A tournament that brings together a group of up and coming talent all looking to win and earn a contract for a championship match whenever they choose. Well, Oba Femi needed up winning the tournament and it only took him a few short weeks to cash in his opportunity. Following Dragon Lee’s win tonight, Oba Femi ran out and cashed in his contract for a NXT North American Title match on the spot and he made the most of it. Though Dragon Lee got the jump on him, he battled back in dominant fashion and ended up picking up the win, becoming the new NXT North American Champion and winning gold within WWE for the very first time.

Now that Dragon Lee has lost, it seems like this could be his last moment on NXT, as he has been up on SmackDown in recent months and this could be his final send off to become a full time member of the SmackDown roster. But, the torch has been passed to Oba Femi who will surely lead the way. Congratulations, Oba Femi.

From: Brady Alexander

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