MJF Says Working Omega Sways His Opinion On 2024 Bidding War

MJF Says Working Omega Sways His Opinion On 2024 Bidding War

MJF defeated Kenny Omega in the main event of last night’s AEW Collision in a fantastic match. Following the bout, MJF put over Kenny Omega in a AEW digital exclusive following the event going off air.

MJF Puts Over Kenny Omega

“I am wrestling way more than I ever thought I fucking would. Let me tell you something. This shit is exhausting,” MJF said. “I want to tell a very quick story and it’s about the man across the ring. For me, I was 19 years old at an independent wrestling promotion. It was literally the first wrestling promotion that I went to outside of my training school, Create-A-Pro Wrestling Academy. It was called Five Borough Wrestling. I had a match on the opening of the show and guys that I aspired to reach the heights of in this sport were guys like Bryan Danielson, guys like Samoa Joe, who’s kind of an asshole, and most certainly guys like Kenny fucking Omega.”

MJF continued on by talking about how he was able to pick Omega’s brain and now wrestling him is swaying his opinion on the 2024 bidding war. “Now that night that night you had no reason to stop and watch my match. I was a pisspot, but you watched my match. You pulled me to the side and you let me pick your brain that night and you might not remember that, but I sure as hell do,” MJF continued. “Without Kenny Omega, without The Bucks, without Cody Rhodes, and without Tony Khan, who might be a fucking mark, but he’s a visionary, All Elite Wrestling does not exist. Therefore, your World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman does not exist now. I’ll be honest. I still don’t know what I’m gonna do for the bidding war of 2024, but what I do know is that when I get the opportunity to wrestle ‘The Best Bout Machine’ Kenny Omega, it tends to sway my opinions a little bit. So now I am going to let Kenny Omega do what he does best. I am going to let him do a goodbye the only way he knows how.”

MJF has been talking about the bidding war of 2024 for over a year now. This is when MJF is either looking to renegotiate his contract with AEW, or possibly get a bigger offer and go to a different company. MJF has to defend his AEW World Championship next month at Full Gear against Jay White.

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