Promotional image for WWE SmackDown New Year's Revolution 2024 featuring key matches

Major Match Set For WWE SmackDown New Year’s Revolution

WWE SmackDown New Year’s Revolution is set to take place on Friday, January 5, and a high-stakes match has been set for the show.

SmackDown New Year’s Revolution

WWE announced the first week of the 2024 year to be a showcase of special shows, aptly named “New Year’s Knockout Week”. The January 5 edition of SmackDown will also be a special show, “New Year’s Revolution”, and it now has an exciting main event.

The show will feature a high-stakes main event as the returning AJ Styles will be in a triple threat against LA Knight and Randy Orton. The winner of this match will then go on to face Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship at Royal Rumble.

Styles, Knight and Orton each have their own desire to be the next challenger to ‘The Tribal Chief’ and, at New Year’s Revolution, they get the chance to get their desired title shot. The 2024 Royal Rumble would then take place on Saturday, January 27.

By Chinyere Okafor

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